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NOTE: The Current Rate has been lowered to $7,400 US Dollars for our 30-day program all inclusive. The second month is set at $6,500 US Dollars and third months $6000. We offer a $250 discount for advanced bookings. 

High quality at low cost

Roughly in other currencies we deal with most often.....

1 month - 3 month programs

We truly understand that cost is a significant part concern for clients and their families in finding a rehab program and we are determined to keep our prices reasonable and competitive. Because of the way we’re structured, we have been able to reduce the cost of attending our world-class program by reinvesting and focusing all our resources on our staff and clients – we pride ourselves on the dedication of our team members.

How to pay

Choose the agreed payment amount from the drop-down box above and then click the Pay Now button to access our secure payment system, once you are there you can amend the quantity if you need to pay a different amount to that shown below;

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Booking Deposit $2000
Booking Deposit 30 days

How to pay

Confirm Your Booking with Paypal

If you wish to pay your deposit for an agreed booking, you can do so either by Paypal or any Credit/Debit card.

Enquiry: Simon +66 (89) 5291297 - Email: [email protected]

Admissions: Natalie +353 (89) 2089770 - Email: [email protected]

NOTE: Travel insurance and Holiday health insurance is recommended, it easily accessible and very inexpensive so worth while - Most clients never need any medical attention other than Rehab related Detox, however accidence can happen so consider taking out cover. Hope Rehab do cover all detox costs but we cannot cover general healthcare costs. The UK Post Office have great deals for Travel Insurance also.

For long-term treatment plans we accept "month by month" payments - Special price's can be arranged for longer term commitments as one off single payment plan. However all fees must be paid before discharging from treatment.

Some frequently asked questions - More FAQ here 

Do you offer adjustable time frames and programs?

Yes, the monthly rate can be reduced depending on treatment time frames and the length of your stay.

After two months of primary treatment, if you feel ready then you have the option to go on to the Hope Sober Living Facility, and many clients choose to complete an English teaching qualification.

What is your refund policy?

We also have a fair refund policy that helps make coming to us an easy decision.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately we are not set up for health insurance coverage at this moment.

Why don’t you offer insurance?

Some countries operate healthcare systems that help with the cost of rehab and offer publicly funded basic treatment, but only if you fit the criteria and also if you can wait, as there are often long waiting lists.

In addition it can be hit and miss as to whether it helps or it just creates more damage due to the level of care and the type of other patients you are with. In some countries governments collect information and it could be held against you, so take care to do some research.

Are there any other costs associated with your program?

Included in the cost of rehab with us is the detox, your accommodation, all meals, all treatment, all fitness and gym, all excursions, massage, transport and transfer from Bangkok airport.

How do you determine your rates?

At Hope Rehab Center in Thailand we pride ourselves in offering single occupancy ensuite accommodation and services at a more moderate cost than other high end treatment facilities. The recovering addict and his/her family should consider all of the above options and the associated cost of rehab. The recovery process need not be an uncomfortable one. Hope rehab strives to provide the environment and services necessary for a sustainable and comfortable recovery at very competitive prices.

go to page Alcohol addiction and alcoholism, help to stop drinking at Hope Rehab’s treatment centre, also see Drug addiction help and Hope Rehab’s treatment program for Ice rehab and Heroin rehab and cocaine treatment.

Here’s some of what you’ll receive at Hope

Your own comfortable private en-suite room. Privacy matters and you’ll have your own sanctuary to relax at night.

Highest ratio of therapeutic staff to clients. Our staff works around the clock to get to know you like few others have before in our immersive experience.

Intensive Addiction Therapy, CBT, SMART-program, Group work. Our proven, evidence based model is world class and delivers life changing results.

2 or 3 one-to-one counseling sessions every week. These private sessions will uncover your individual needs and challenges with our specialized counselors.

Individual & Group Mindfulness coaching. Our minds can be our allies or our enemies and can be trained and molded, we’ll teach you how to harness the power of your mind.

Detox medication and support on-site. Going through withdrawals can be challenging, and we’ve got all the support you require around the clock.

4 times weekly eating out & Sunday Island excursions. Experiencing life with adventure and empowering places is a crucial part of your journey.

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