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Stefan Walters is a systemic therapist, specialising in addiction and relationship issues

Stefan has trained and practiced in both the USA and the UK, and spent four years as the Clinical Lead of a Recovery Service within NHS Brent, in North London. This involved managing a daily group Structured Day Programme for those in recovery, particularly for those needing aftercare following residential detox; supplying those in recovery with the tools and support to stay on track. Stefan also established an Open Group Programme for those entering into the early stages of recovery.

Stefan now works in private practice in central and north London, using an attachment-focused approach, with the understanding that those in recovery have an ongoing relationship with their substance of choice, and that it is vital to replace this relationship with a network of healthy connections, and to grieve the loss of the substance appropriately. If needed, Stefan can work with a couple, family, or group; approaching addiction as a complex systemic issue that impacts a number of individuals in many ways. Stefan also teaches Emotionally Focused Therapy workshops across the US, and frequently writes about the topics of therapy and addiction, having been published in numerous international publications, including The Guardian, The Sun, Esquire, The Sunday Times Magazine, Men's Health, The Huffington Post, and The Psychologist.

Stefan is registered with AAMFT and CAMFT in the US, and with the UKCP, BACP and BPS in the UK. He is a registered provider of psychological therapies with both Aviva and BUPA insurance in the UK.

Stefan is happy to be an aftercare provider for the Hope Rehab Center in Thailand, and can be contacted as follows: Website , email , phone (+44)7526456477 "

South Perth Counselling aftercare services Hope Rehab Thailand

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South Perth Counselling aftercare services Hope Rehab Thailand

Up to 50% of those who make it through an addiction treatment program will later relapse. Those who relapse may never get another opportunity to recover. Whilst this may be a depressing fact, the good news is that ‘relapse is preventable’. The highest risk of relapse is during the first 60 days following discharge from a rehabilitation facility. This risk remains high for the first five years of recovery. At South Perth Counselling Services, we provide after care support to assist you to implement the required changes within your home & environment, continue the psychotherapeutic process support and discuss the emotional aspects of continuing the positive changes you began within the rehabilitational setting so that you can you can have the highest possible chance of succeeding in your recovery.

Practitioners at South Perth Counselling Services hold professional qualifications in addiction recovery, CBT, EMDR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and predominantly follow The Stages of Change model. Our professional office premises is regarded as warm, welcoming offering high quality furnishings and clients often report feeling safe and cared for at our practice during their recovery period.

You may be eligible for Medicare Rebates (following a GP referral) or Private Health Rebates to cover a portion of the cost of sessions. Whilst we offer face to face individual or group sessions, telephone, email or SKYPE support is also available.

South Perth Counselling Services



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Covent Garden Practice aftercare services Hope rehab Thailand


The Covent Garden Practice after care services

After working intensively on your problems at Hope Rehab Centre, returning home and to “normal life” can be particularly challenging – feeling the pressures of everyday life and not having the support of the staff and fellow clients at the Centre. It’s important to continue the work that took place during rehabilitation, implementing the changes in the home environment and continue the therapeutic work. Often, there will be new challenges along the way that need to be looked at and worked through. Many people find the continued support of talking therapies an important aspect of their recovery.

At the after care services at The Covent Garden Practice, we support the client in using what they have learnt at Hope Rehab upon returning home, and support in the emotional aspects of continuing the positive changes they begun during rehab.

We offer one to one counselling and psychotherapy, group work, and online support to clients. The transition from Hope Rehab Centre to our London practice can be seamless and arranged in advance. Along with professional accreditations we are affiliated with a number of insurance companies who may be able to cover some of the cost for our services.

The Covent Garden Practice



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Nexus Psychology offering aftercare services Hope Rehab Thailand


Nexus Psychology After Program Care Services

Nexus Psychology is proud to be an affiliate partner offering after program care services to participants of the Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand.

At Nexus Psychology, we recognise that it takes time to effectively and comprehensively address a deep struggle. After extensive work and support at Hope Rehab, a person may feel anxious about returning home where the realities and demands of everyday life can appear overwhelming. The home environment may also have associations with situations or periods of fragility.

It can therefore be valuable to have access to ongoing support as part of the transition out of an intensive rehab program. Access to continuing psychotherapy helps to consolidate the sense of empowerment engendered during the rehab phase, and to maintain a positive change focus as well as the pursuit of positive personal goals. Ongoing therapy may also be important for delving deeper into issues that have been uncovered during rehab and that remain unresolved.

Our highly experienced psychologists are diverse in their styles and specialities , and are well equipped with a variety of approaches to work on a wide range of emotional issues. We work carefully to match each individual with a psychologist who is best suited and most specialised for the issues that are foremost priorities and that aim towards realistic and sustainable personal fulfilment.

Phone: (+61 3) 9500 0751
Skype: nexus.psychology

My time at Hope Rehab by Simon P


I take great pleasure in writing this as I literally owe you and Hope my life and is the basis for my letter.

Depending on how you look at it I know personally I am grateful to have relapsed twice before after rehabilitations, both times were at the same major rehabilitation centre in Thailand, as it gave me the opportunity and blessing to finally hit my rock bottom, as I was literally on my hands and knees when I called you on that Monday night I remember so well.

I have been thinking lately why has it “worked” so far this time and after much consideration I can confidently put it down to three (3) major areas that were not present at my two other attempts or were what Hope offered available to me to experience at the rehabilitation establishment I was at both times and theses reasons are as follows:

1. I arrived at Hope literally having lost ‘my everything’ in that I had been forced to sell my very large company business, my wife had left me, my son communicated he ‘hated’ me and my existence was completely unmanageable and toxic in every respect;

2. I was also, for the first time, doing this for ME and not so I could ‘keep my family’ or make ‘other people’ happy or to continue my lies and manipulations etc.;

3. And finally because of the unique ‘mix’ of the program you have managed to develop at Hope compared to the program of my only other experience and that’s the two efforts I had at another major rehabilitation centre in Thailand.

I would like to elaborate a touch more on point 3 as it has for now finally made recovery possible for me and sadly that wasn’t ever a reality at the other major rehabilitation centre I experienced in Thailand.

Your programme at Hope has a wonderful blend of 12 steps, Mindfulness, Meditation, Exercise and most importantly for me (and the other clients I met while recovering) was your unique mix of primary and secondary recoveries all in the one program and I definitely didn’t get that experience at my other rehabilitation journey as they if anything ‘frowned’ upon any secondary recovery aspects being an option or even a consideration and that I learned limited any chance I had of recovering in their environment.

For yourself and Hope to give the clients the opportunity to slowly over time, and with the supervision and care of your staff, to integrate with the ‘outside’ world while we are still in primary recovery was not only an amazing experience but it was a blessing that has truly enabled me personally to so far be the healthiest I have ever had the pleasure to be.

I congratulate you on such a forward thinking and proactive program you have developed at Hope and unfortunately wasn’t available to me at my other rehabilitation experience in Thailand and of course I thank you form the bottom of my heart.

I wish you continued success and know our relationship doesn’t finish but merely changes slightly but is one I can count on for many years to come.

Thank you again and all the very best.

Ice Addiction in Melbourne my Story


"Growing up in Perth my childhood started off happily. I enjoyed school, was a keen sportsman and had lots of support around me. However one day my father walked out on us and to this day I haven't seen him – I have been very angry with him for abandoning us. Luckily I had a dedicated mother and my grandparents so I never wanted for anything.
Up til the age of 18, graduation year, I had a normal, fun, happy childhood. In 2005 I was introduced to crystal meth. I never touched heroin because of all the horror stories I heard as a young boy in the mid to late 90's. But I never heard about meth.
At the time it was called rock or ice. I was already smoking marijuana and drinking so I thought why not? It felt incredible. I felt invincible. I was alert, sociable, could stay awake and party all night - Methamphetamine totally numbed all feelings of inadequacy. After a while my cravings and need for the drug become so over-powering I found myself stealing money from my mother - A rotten horrible thing it is to be a bad son. I am so ashamed.
One day an acquaintance offered me a large amount of pure methamphetamine at a cheap rate. I grabbed the opportunity. I was tired of struggling to pay for my drugs so I became the addict turned drug dealer.
I lost friends, friends who didn't want to stick around while I destroyed myself, friends who I pushed away because of their concern for me. Over time my friends who I loved and cared for were replaced by fellow addicts, people pretending to be my friend to get to the drugs. Over the last few years I lost friends to drug related violence, overdoses and suicide, never occurring to me that I could be next. Such is the drugs power to instill a false sense of invincibility.
Finally I reached out to my mum and she took me in. We found Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand. Thanks to my mum, I was able to be treated at this wonderful place for 3 months. A place that gave me a sense of safety I hadn't felt in years. A place free of judgement, only understanding and the place where I found myself again. The person I am today without drugs.
The glorification of crime and drugs that has been spawned from the film industry ie Underbelly, has had an effect on my generation and the next. To dismiss this is ignorance.
The mining boom has served as a massive foundation for this drug culture to grow, with high wages available to young unskilled workers resulting in more disposable income, the work hard play hard system does not help matters either.
Drinking to excess is now a precursor for the majority of young people. The Perth drug scene is awash with methamphetamine, it's becoming a right of passage these days.
However, this drug does not discriminate either. I sold to lawyers, business owners, ceo's, accountants, sports figures, fathers, mothers wives, husbands. I'm not proud of it, my story has no glory or glamour to it. I want my story to help people, to show that there is a way out of a hell where I turned to the devil.
When my mother and I searched for treatment options, the severe lack of help was demoralizing. We felt so alone with this. There was only help in Australia if you could afford to pay $30,000 a month. Thankfully we found Hope Rehab Thailand which does not cost a fortune and is a real adventure.
I will never be able to thank Hope and the team enough, my Mum has her son back and I have my life back, I am 1 year clean and back at work. I would not trade the worse day of recovery for the best day of my using. Jason"

Giving something back to the place that helped me get my life back


I was living in San Francisco when my decade long addiction to Heroin finally got a point where I could no longer bear it.

My relationship of over 4 years was a mess, my performance at work had been getting worse and worse, my social life had become pretty much non-existent, I had lost any ambition and passion of which I once had a great deal of for anything that mattered to me or that I had once loved and valued and I was generally very unhappy all the time. I was suffering from depression and pretty bad anxiety which I believe were bought about as a direct result of my using as opposed to the other way around. I truly believed that the pain and difficulty that would likely be involved with stopping using drugs was less than that which came with my addiction.

In many ways I have been very fortunate. I have a family who care about me and although they have come very close at times and have wanted to at certain points I’m sure, they have never given up on me.
I decided to move back home to London and get myself into a treatment program and attempt to figure out why I had begun using drugs in the first place and why I felt like I was destined to need them forever.
I had made countless attempts to stop using in the past and the conclusion that I had come to was that there was something fundamentally wrong with me. I realise now that I had just learnt to perceive things and behave in a way that wasn’t very conducive for a happy and healthy life and that my drug use was a symptom of this and would persist until I decided to change.


 During the year I spent trying to get placed in a treatment program I discovered that detox and rehabilitation centres within the U.K were incredibly expensive and pretty difficult to get in to as the demand for substance misuse treatment at home seems to massively overwhelm the support and services available. A family member had suggested Hope Rehab in Thailand to me and honestly, at that point I was so desperate that I would have gone just about anywhere.

After two detox programs I finally arrived at Hope. I had never been in a rehab before, I was very scared and had no idea what to expect. I very quickly began to feel comfortable. The staff and counsellors were incredibly welcoming and have proven to be amazing at what they do here throughout. I engaged with the physical activities and my health immediately improved. Straightening out my thoughts and behaviour proved to be a little more demanding but the environment here at Hope consistently promotes and provides the necessary support for mental recovery and encouraged me to make some very necessary changes.

I remember feeling very lucky to have found this place. While I may have no experience of other rehabs to compare it to I can’t help feeling that Hope is quite unique in many ways, one of the most important of these for me is that I was treated like an adult.


I wasn’t ordered around and told what to do. I was shown and advised what I needed to do if I did want to live free of drugs and it was made clear to me that I would receive all of the help that I needed to do so. Unfortunately no program designed to tackle addiction can ever work if the person working it doesn’t want to stop using.

I now volunteer at Hope , it feels like the perfect way for me to give something back to the place that helped me get my life back. I imagine I will forever be grateful to all of the people here who were a part of and made this process possible.

A grateful recovering addict

It sounds so cliché that ‘Hope gave me hope,’ but it did more than just that, it gave me the will to want to live again. I was 16 and I was about to sign a professional football contract. I was a fit, happy and charismatic young man with the world at my feet. Due to complications and an injury I was unable to fulfil my lifelong dream of becoming a footballer. My injury caused me to be placed on certain medications (Valium (Diazepam) and OxyContin) and within a short amount of time I began abusing my prescriptions which eventually crippled me both physically and mentally.

After a little over six months of using these drugs I was placed by my parents into a rehab facility in London. I lasted 3 weeks before both my parents and I knew it wasn’t right for me and flew me back to Australia where we believed I would be able to receive some sort of rehabilitation. This plan soon changed and I began manipulating and lying in order to continue my using. Fast forward to when I was 21. I had completed my plumbing apprenticeship through my father’s company. Throughout the 4-year apprenticeship I was fired over 4 times, crashed 2 company vehicles and took countless sick days but my father couldn’t turn his back on me, he would always give me that ‘one more chance.’ My disease of addiction was just tearing my family apart. The amount of nights my mother would cry to me and ask me ‘why can’t you just stop?’ I never had an answer. In as little as 5 years I had gone from a fit and happy young man to a scared lonely little boy.


At 22 I made another attempt at a rehab facility, this time in Australia, where the rehabs were so outrageously expensive both my parents and I thought that they must work. I checked myself in for a 4-week program. I somehow knew that 4 weeks wouldn’t be able to undo the past 6 years of heavy drug use. I started noticing faults in the program and soon was finding myself isolating and making little progress. I discharged myself from the rehab little into my third week. I thought my will power alone was going to keep me clean. I lasted all of 2 hours before I quickly relapsed and found myself going to my local doctor and getting a refill on my prescriptions. My parents found out and that was the final straw. They kicked me out of their home, took my car and a lot of personal gifts that I had taken for granted. I was more alone than ever and with me not being able to afford my prescriptions I started going for the cheaper option which was Heroin.



I was gripped by the drug incredibly quickly and I found myself living with people who used heroin every day. I started over dosing very regularly. Mixing both Benzos and Heroin was a recipe for death. My parents were contacted by friends who informed them of how close to death I was. They gave me that ‘one more chance’ talk. They put forward a proposal of a rehab in Thailand. I jumped on it, and soon I was on a plane to Thailand. I arrived and met two men at the airport who greeted me and took me straight to Hope. I arrived on rocky terms. I wasn’t used to this sort of structure at rehabs. I gave it everything I had. I went to all of the groups and activities. Within a short time I fell in love with Hope. I felt myself coming back to life. I stayed for 2 months and ended up going to the aftercare program. I feel like I owe my life to Hope and I have found myself volunteering at Hope with the aim of passing the amazing program on to other addicts. Simon and the Hope team have something other rehabs don’t, a family bond.

I never thought I would be able to not only get clean but enjoy the process of finding that happy young man again.

Forever grateful,

Alfie Bentley

I am excited to live NOW


I’m excited to live NOW… Parice 

Nearly 11 weeks at hope and I am sat on a Thai bus travelling back from a few days at the sober house. I used to struggle getting a bus in the Uk alone I hated to be alone I’d be anxious and it would trigger me to use.

Yesterday I walked around Nong Nooch (tropical botanical garden) on my own buying soft drinks from drink stalls that also where selling a range of alcohol a few months ago I would have said fuck it I’m alone and I can get away with it but I am doing this for me now I choose not to drink because it creates a happier life for me.
I do not have to use today and I am not missing it, I missed me more and I am starting to find me again.

I look back over the last 11 weeks and I do see a big change.
Hope is different from my last rehab before I didn’t face myself I just worked hard to manipulate and pass the days so I could go back to my relationship. My dishonesty remained and I didn’t own my behaviours.
At hope I am doing the steps and they have given me a chance to lay out my emotions, resentments and my life.
Iv seen my powerlessness of my drug use and I am owning my actions yea they where not ok and yes iv hurt a lot of people and myself but that’s my past and my actions have shaped me into the person I am today.

My first few weeks at Hope….i was so anxious id walk into groups and fall apart my guilt and shame was too much for me I was a broken little girl.
I was using drugs to create a blanket for my emotions.
At home I couldn’t and wouldn’t face my emotions I was weak I was trapped.
I’d sit in my room for weeks using cocaine and drinking to excess not eating , self harming and hurting anyone who tried to stop me.
I was running and I couldn’t pick my feet up of the ground.
Nothing was enough no one could help or stop me and I couldn’t save myself.
I couldn’t see the light rehab didn’t work for me before I had the money to go to one from gambling but that just enabled me to use more.
I was searching and searching looking for answers my using was just increasing and I was just hoping id have a heart attack and die.
I never want to forget my rock bottom I do not want another I am so scared of my addiction it controls me and takes over my life and I only have 1 and I cant loose it again.

So how am I now..

I’m smiling I’m happy I’m being told by new people I am an inspiration and that I’m positive influence haha how crazy is that when I arrived my negativity was so strong but I arrived willing I didn’t wanna die.
I do daily gratitude’s now which before the word gratitude wasn’t even in my vocabulary.
I do abc’s to challenge my negative triggers and I say positive aphimations to myself which I’m starting to believe, I am a strong, intelligent , beautiful being ????

Buddhist principles are amazing to me I try to follow them daily.
I want to be honest, giving , loving and non judgemental person. Yeah I am no guru I’m not perfect but that is what makes life beautiful I get to know myself more daily.

I now meditate, I’m mindful and I ground myself.
When I have a bad day I don’t have to use I can face it.
I never used once before I arrived and last week I took a meditation group.

I have faith I have a loving higher power now that in itself is mad.
Before I decided to come to hope I checked out other rehabs in the uk and they where 12 step and did no forms of exercise so I crossed them of my list. I came to hope because it had a range of everything and exercise was part of the programme. Now I exercise at 6.30am daily and pray day and night. Before I came here I exercised once every months if that!

I have a routine I have a rough plan I don’t exactly know my future and what I am going to do next but that’s okay I don’t have to control everything anymore.

I know my defects now and my higher power helps me with that and I help myself. Iv chosen to live and I am living.

In 2 ½ weeks il be at home being a honest, loving daughter,sister,friend and auntie I’m excited, I’m excited to live now.
I have acceptance I’m more able to let things go and I’m confident again.
I feel alive again I am no longer a shell of Parice I am Parice and I am willing to learn more about me. I am not perfect but why would I wanna be, I’m me.

Reaching out for HOPE


.....Reaching out for HOPE…..and found it......

I arrived at Hope full of Shame and guilt and an absolute wreck after relapsing for a couple of weeks just short of 5 years clean.

I had been “Mrs Recovery” throughout but had been plagued with anxiety and insomnia throughout this time and when I relapsed I was in the middle of a breakdown: physical and emotional...

maria (1)

I had been diagnosed with Celiac, Chronic fatigue and PTSD which had escalated to extremes after a mugging/kidnapping incident whilst travelling in India.

On the outside I helped many newcomers and sponsees but on the inside I was a wreck

My previous treatment almost 5 years before had been at the a Rehab in Northern Thailand that Simon managed and was Head of Counselling so felt he was the only person I could turn to with what I thought was a very embarrassing situation.

Simon assigned me a person-centred Counsellor who dealt with Trauma and addiction called Maria, She was incredible! I had never cried throughout my recovery, not one tear and this woman delved deep into my childhood and found Trauma, abuse, violence which I had blocked away from my memory, we worked intensely on my inner child and the tears flowed..

I felt my anxiety and fear which I had been carrying around since childhood lift.

Along with this the program at Hope is so incredibly varied, up at the Crack of dawn for morning exercise, yoga, bootcamp which takes you out of your head.

Group sessions, mindfulness, meditation, Qi gong, 12 step meetings, Gratitude, massages and amazing healthy food all eaten at a long table overlooking the Ocean.

The program is so packed there is no time for boredom and the feeling of family starts from the minute you walk through the gates.

The team of Counsellors at Hope are of a high standard and are all suited for the different clients as everyone has different needs, stories and poison. Alon Mind full Paul and Vinnie teach Mindfulness in a way that is easy to understand so you can take it with you when you leave.

I am back in the real world of work, motherhood and life and feel invigorated about living without anxiety, finally sleeping and I learnt that being vulnerable and humble is a strength not a weakness. I am finally enjoying recovery and having fun.

They also emphasized that there's no shame in coming back after a relapse, it takes courage and that this too is a journey which can make you stronger. Now I finally have quality in my recovery and Hope for the future…..One day at a time!

Thankyou to all at Hope..

Very Grateful,