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Stefan Walters is a systemic therapist, specialising in addiction and relationship issues

Stefan has trained and practiced in both the USA and the UK, and spent four years as the Clinical Lead of a Recovery Service within NHS Brent, in North London. This involved managing a daily group Structured Day Programme for those in recovery, particularly for those needing aftercare following residential detox; supplying those in recovery with the tools and support to stay on track. Stefan also established an Open Group Programme for those entering into the early stages of recovery.

Stefan now works in private practice in central and north London, using an attachment-focused approach, with the understanding that those in recovery have an ongoing relationship with their substance of choice, and that it is vital to replace this relationship with a network of healthy connections, and to grieve the loss of the substance appropriately. If needed, Stefan can work with a couple, family, or group; approaching addiction as a complex systemic issue that impacts a number of individuals in many ways. Stefan also teaches Emotionally Focused Therapy workshops across the US, and frequently writes about the topics of therapy and addiction, having been published in numerous international publications, including The Guardian, The Sun, Esquire, The Sunday Times Magazine, Men's Health, The Huffington Post, and The Psychologist.

Stefan is registered with AAMFT and CAMFT in the US, and with the UKCP, BACP and BPS in the UK. He is a registered provider of psychological therapies with both Aviva and BUPA insurance in the UK.

Stefan is happy to be an aftercare provider for the Hope Rehab Center in Thailand, and can be contacted as follows: Website , email [email protected] , phone (+44)7526456477 "

South Perth Counselling aftercare services Hope Rehab Thailand

T254 Childhood Adult's Hands Cupping Child's Hands Cupping Seeds

South Perth Counselling aftercare services Hope Rehab Thailand

Up to 50% of those who make it through an addiction treatment program will later relapse. Those who relapse may never get another opportunity to recover. Whilst this may be a depressing fact, the good news is that ‘relapse is preventable’. The highest risk of relapse is during the first 60 days following discharge from a rehabilitation facility. This risk remains high for the first five years of recovery. At South Perth Counselling Services, we provide after care support to assist you to implement the required changes within your home & environment, continue the psychotherapeutic process support and discuss the emotional aspects of continuing the positive changes you began within the rehabilitational setting so that you can you can have the highest possible chance of succeeding in your recovery.

Practitioners at South Perth Counselling Services hold professional qualifications in addiction recovery, CBT, EMDR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and predominantly follow The Stages of Change model. Our professional office premises is regarded as warm, welcoming offering high quality furnishings and clients often report feeling safe and cared for at our practice during their recovery period.

You may be eligible for Medicare Rebates (following a GP referral) or Private Health Rebates to cover a portion of the cost of sessions. Whilst we offer face to face individual or group sessions, telephone, email or SKYPE support is also available.

South Perth Counselling Services


email: [email protected]

Phone: 08 9450 1996

Suite 1/772 Canning Highway, Applecross.
Western Australia 6153

Covent Garden Practice aftercare services Hope rehab Thailand


The Covent Garden Practice after care services

After working intensively on your problems at Hope Rehab Centre, returning home and to “normal life” can be particularly challenging – feeling the pressures of everyday life and not having the support of the staff and fellow clients at the Centre. It’s important to continue the work that took place during rehabilitation, implementing the changes in the home environment and continue the therapeutic work. Often, there will be new challenges along the way that need to be looked at and worked through. Many people find the continued support of talking therapies an important aspect of their recovery.

At the after care services at The Covent Garden Practice, we support the client in using what they have learnt at Hope Rehab upon returning home, and support in the emotional aspects of continuing the positive changes they begun during rehab.

We offer one to one counselling and psychotherapy, group work, and online support to clients. The transition from Hope Rehab Centre to our London practice can be seamless and arranged in advance. Along with professional accreditations we are affiliated with a number of insurance companies who may be able to cover some of the cost for our services.

The Covent Garden Practice


email: [email protected]

Phone: 0044 (0)207 7228419

17 Shorts Gardens

London Wc2h 9at

Nexus Psychology offering aftercare services Hope Rehab Thailand


Nexus Psychology After Program Care Services

Nexus Psychology is proud to be an affiliate partner offering after program care services to participants of the Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand.

At Nexus Psychology, we recognise that it takes time to effectively and comprehensively address a deep struggle. After extensive work and support at Hope Rehab, a person may feel anxious about returning home where the realities and demands of everyday life can appear overwhelming. The home environment may also have associations with situations or periods of fragility.

It can therefore be valuable to have access to ongoing support as part of the transition out of an intensive rehab program. Access to continuing psychotherapy helps to consolidate the sense of empowerment engendered during the rehab phase, and to maintain a positive change focus as well as the pursuit of positive personal goals. Ongoing therapy may also be important for delving deeper into issues that have been uncovered during rehab and that remain unresolved.

Our highly experienced psychologists are diverse in their styles and specialities , and are well equipped with a variety of approaches to work on a wide range of emotional issues. We work carefully to match each individual with a psychologist who is best suited and most specialised for the issues that are foremost priorities and that aim towards realistic and sustainable personal fulfilment.

email: [email protected]
Phone: (+61 3) 9500 0751
Skype: nexus.psychology

CBT – You are a lamp by Mike Searles


You are a lamp


Steve Chandler Death Wish

One of my favorite few lines from Steve Chandler's must-read book, Death Wish - The Path Through Addiction To A Glorious Life reads:

'You are a lamp. If you disconnect yourself from the circuit of electricity, you do not glow. You can't get bright. In fact you have no light at all. Not if you stay disconnected. Light comes from connecting. All light does. Including yours and mine.'

I have something in common with Steve Chandler. I hope you do too.

We are addiction survivors

Clearly, Steve Chandler is suggesting you don't need to try and figure out 'recovery' all on your own.

‘Just be with someone’ he says, ‘Sit with someone. Talk to someone. Get help.’

Connect. Let the light shine from your lamp once again.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my own recovery was when I finally understood - I mean REALLY understood - that there was still hope.

All was not yet lost. God knows that in 2009 I was barely hanging on to the last shreds of life. So when I got that epiphany of the true meaning of hope and the lamp-light began shining once more - I quickly graduated from being a 40 watt light to a much brighter 100 watts.

Today, after seven years of continuous sobriety I shine brightly like that of a 1000 watt globe (is there such a thing?). Some of us stumble when on the verge of reaching out. We stop and turn the other way.  Because we’re afraid. Reaching out and connecting to go deep into conversation about only one topic - YOU - is a fearful thing to do.

It’s something that goes against the belief of one who thinks that to be brave, strong and secure in this world they must be seen to be a self-reliant, high-achieving and self-contained individual.

This is something congruent with high-achievers (pun not intended but noted) in the world of sport, business and the performing arts. Especially for those with a public profile.

What about you? How do you feel about connecting with somebody you don't yet know in order to start the engine of full recovery? What can you expect?

One of the therapy models used effectively at Hope Recovery Center Thailand is CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I know a bit about CBT. In fact I became a serious student of it by default simply by virtue of being engaged in so much of it as a client.

By chance I found the first book I was to read on CBT in a second hand book shop many years back. Snooping around the musty smelling isles of opportunity shops looking for old books remains a fave pastime of mine. I highly recommend it.

The book I found was titled A New Guide to Rational Living and authored by Albert Ellis and Robert A. Harper. Both were pioneers of CBT back in the 1950s and 60s. I still have the same book to this day.

According to my trusty (not musty) dictionary called Google, CBT is defined as:

A short-term goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on approach to problem-solving. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking and behavior that are behind people's difficulties, and so change the way they feel [I would add 'and act'].

Chapter 20 is one of my favorites. I go back to it every so often for a refresher course in sanity. The title of this chapter is, Living Rationally in an Irrational World.

Did I say this book was first published in 1961? And they thought THEY were living in an irrational world 50 plus years ago?!?

Anyhow - allow me to close with a paragraph from Chapter 20 of A New Guide to Rational Living:

'Your desires and emotions do not consist of mysterious, uncontrollable forces that drive you to do their bidding. Although they have deep biological and learned roots, and therefore remain partly beyond your immediate control, they directly relate to your thinking and imagining and consequently largely stay within your eventual control.'

As they say here at Hope Recovery Center....

‘live with hope - hope changes everything’


Mike Searles

Mike Searles is an addiction survivor and

freelance writer on addiction, rehab, and recovery

Luke Richardson – Therapist and meditation coach



Luke is a therapist and meditation facilitator from Sydney Australia

He spent his early career working as an Electronics Engineer. In 2005 after a period of darkness his study focused on Meditation and Personal Development.

Luke is certified in Neuro Linguists Programming, Meditation Facilitation and has a Diploma of Energetic Healing.

From 2009 onward Luke has been working one on one with clients all around the world to take charge of their lives, become conscious of their emotions and feel at peace with themselves.

Luke is a therapist and meditation facilitator from Sydney Australia.
He spent his early career working as an Electronics Engineer. In 2005 after a period of darkness his study focused on Meditation and Personal Development.

Luke is certified in Neuro Linguists Programming, Meditation Facilitation and has a Diploma of Energetic Healing.

From 2009 onward Luke has been working one on one with clients all around the world to take charge of their lives, become conscious of their emotions and feel at peace with themselves.

Luke’s body of work has developed through many years of study, personal practice, teaching classes of meditation and spiritual growth as well as running a clinic offering one on one session. In this time Luke has come to see that there is no division between the mind body and spirit. The thoughts we think affect the way that we feel and this plays a role in the way we move through life.

Your psychology stores in your biology. When heavy emotions and times of stress continue on for many years these can sit in the body and become forgotten. Meditation and present moment awareness are great tools to use to become conscious of the thoughts and emotions that make up the way that we feel.

In the early 2000's Luke was largely involved in the personal development movement and the phrase "all of the tools and recourses you need to overcome your challenges are right there inside of you".

It has taken many years to master this technique and its broad understanding. CBT is a tremendous example of how this process of discovering inner recourses is carried out.

Right there at anyone moment is a life affirming belief, a moment of happiness and understanding. These tremendous inner resources can be found just behind a thought or emotional response that doesn’t feel good. A response from the personality that feels a little down or less than positive is the very stone you must over turn on your adventure of discovery of those amazing inner resources.

With all of this in the tool kit, Luke brings great joy into his sessions as he knows that in any moment a new inner recourse will be revealed. He has come to firmly believe that life’s struggles are their greatest gifts for they focus intent towards reaching within to know more happiness love and joy.

Hope – Ett Behandlinghem för Missbruk i Thailand



Hope Rehab Thailand är ett prisvärd behandlingshem i en av de vackraste länder i världen. Hope ligger mindre än en timmes bilresa från Bangkok flygplats, så det är väldigt smidigt att ta sig hit och vi kommer att möta dig pa flygplatsen vid din ankomst.

Vårt team hjälper människor med beroende av alkohol, narkotika, läkemedel, spelproblem, eller en kombination av dessa. Vi samarbetar med ett privat sjukhus som ligger bara tio minuter från vårt beroendecenter och som ger alla medicinska råd som är nödvändiga för en effektiv behandling. Sjukhuset har en erfaren och professionell team med läkare och vi gör allt för att ge dig den bästa vården för din missbruk.

Hope Rehab Center Thailand erbjuder ett fullständig avgiftnings- och rehabiliteringsprogram med professionell medicinsk övervakning.

Vårt program består av individuell terapi, gruppterapi, coaching, personlig träning, massage och sport, samt thai-chi, yoga, pilates med mera. Vårt program innehåller en hel terapeutisk process, förebyggande av återfall, meditation och fysiska aktiviteter, inklusive fantastiska utflykter som segling till en tropisk ö med sol och bad.

Det är viktigt att våra kunder lär sig att ett liv utan alkohol och droger kan vara möjlig och oerhört tillfredställande. Våra vackra byggnader ligger på ett litet berg med magnifik utsikt över havet och vissa tropiska öar. Detta skapar en avslappnad och stimulerande miljö där våra kunder kan känna sig hemmastadda. Vi har ett brett utbud av avkopplingsmöjligheter. Vill du vara ensam eller vill du njuta av den vackra naturen så kan du göra det som passar dig bäst.

Om du vill sluta dricka, anvanda droger eller vill lära dig att hantera stress, depression eller ångest, så är en månads intensiv behandling pa Hope ett mycket bra alternativ. Vår erfarenhet, kompetens och vårt professionella team som arbetar hos oss garanterar rätt hjälp med ditt beroende.

Vi har en internationell kundkrets då många kommer fran olika länder och inte har engelska som modersmål. Språket som används i terapi är enkel Engelska. En stor del av vara kunder kommer från Skandienavien och vi har ett team som är vana att behandla manniskor med olika kulturella bakgrunder och språkkunskaper.

Få hjälp med ditt beroende.

På Hope Rehab Thailand behandlar vi:

♣ Depression och ångest (Dual Diagnosis, Depression and Anxiety)
♣ Alcoholberoende och avgiftning (Alcohol Detoxification)
♣ Drogberoende (Drug Addiction)
♣ Receptbelagd läkemedel (Prescription Medicine)


Vid frågor kontakta Simon Mott: [email protected] eller ring på +66 89 529 1297

Verslavingskliniek in Thailand: Hulp met je drugsverslaving

Verslavingskliniek in Thailand: Hulp met je drugsverslaving

Verslavingskliniek in Thailand: Hulp met je drugsverslaving

Hope Rehab Thailand is een betaalbare verslavingskliniek in één van de prachtigste gebieden van de wereld. Onze locatie is gevestigd op minder dan een uur rijden vanaf Bankok Airport, het is dus gemakkelijk bereikbaar en met alle voordelen van verblijven aan de kust. Ons team helpt mensen met drank-, drugs-, medicijn- en gokproblemen, of een combinatie daarvan. Neem vrijblijvend contact met ons op als je hulp nodig hebt met je drugsverslaving.

We werken samen met een privéziekenhuis, op maar tien minuten afstand van onze verslavingskliniek, en zij verzorgen alle medische diensten die nodig zijn voor een veilige afkick van alcohol, drugs en/of medicijnen. Het ziekenhuis heeft een ervaren en professioneel medisch team, en zij bezoeken je elke dag indien dat nodig is. Zij verzorgen een veilige en zo comfortabel mogelijke afkick, en dat is onderdeel van je verblijf. Wij doen alles om je te voorzien van de beste hulp van je drugsverslaving.

Hope Rehab Center Thailand verzorgt een volledig ontgifting en herstel programma met een professionele benadering vanuit ons team. Dit betekent een 'one-stop-shop' service met inbegrepen al je medische behoeften. Ons programma bestaat uit individuele therapiesessies, groepstherapie, coaching, personal training, massage, en sporten met de andere cliënten, zoals thai-chi, yoga, pilates etc. Ons gestructureerde programma behandelt het gehele therapeutische proces, terugval preventie, mediteren en lichamelijke activiteiten inclusief elke week fantastische excursies, zoals bijvoorbeeld het varen naar een tropisch eiland en daar zwemmen en zonnen. Wij vinden het belangrijk in onze verslavingskliniek dat cliënten leren dat een leven zonder drank en drugs erg leuk kan zijn.

Ons terrein en de ruim opgezette accommodatie is gevestigd op een berg, met aan de achterkant de jungle en aan de voorkant een prachtig uitzicht over de blauwe zee en enkele tropische eilanden. Dit zorgt voor een ontspannen en stimulerende omgeving waar onze cliënten zich snel op hun gemak voelen. Wij hebben een ruim aanbod van mogelijkheden om te ontspannen, om alleen te zijn of om te genieten van de prachtige natuur. Op het terrein van onze verslavingskliniek staat ook een DC10 passagiersvliegtuig dat gebruikt is in de Vietnam oorlog.

Een verslavingskliniek is de beste manier om te leren omgaan met drank-, drugs-, medicijn- en gokproblematiek. Als je wilt stoppen met drinken, drugsgebruik of wilt leren omgaan met bijvoorbeeld stress, depressie of angststoornis, dan is een maand intensieve training bij Hope Rehab Thailand een zeer goede optie. Door onze ruime ervaring en de professionele medewerkers die bij ons werkzaam zijn, ben je verzekerd van de juiste hulp bij je verslaving. Een professionele verslavingskliniek met de kwaliteit die je nodig hebt voor een succesvol herstel.

Verslavingskliniek in Thailand: Hulp met je drugsverslaving

Verslavingskliniek in Thailand: Hulp met je drugsverslaving

Verslavingskliniek in Thailand: Hulp met je drugsverslaving

At Hope Rehab Thailand we treat 

  • Duel Diagnosis, Depression and Anxiety
  • Alcohol Detoxification
  • Cannabis Treatment
  • Cocaine 
  • Heroin and Opiates
  • Prescription Medication 

Look at the Weekly Timetable here

The hope Program

CBT (Cognitive-behavioural Therapy)
Mindfulness - Meditation 
Group therapy
Relapse Prevention
Weekend excursions and Activities

Binnen de Verslavingskliniek wordt Engels gesproken, maar er is een Nederlandse counselor aanwezig zodat wij iedereen de juiste ondersteuning kunnen geven. Vraag gerust om informatie, je bent van harte welkom.

Verslavingskliniek in Thailand: Hulp met je drugsverslaving - HenK Negel

Voor direct contact kunt u mailen naar [email protected], of bellen met +66 92 286 1743

Verslavingskliniek in Thailand


Het verhaal van Henk

Het beste wat ik ooit voor mijzelf gedaan heb is dat ik gestopt ben met het gebruiken van drank en drugs. Ik was een puber toen ik begon met het drinken van alcohol en het roken van sigaretten, en vrij snel erna volgde het roken van wiet. Als jonge jongen was ik onzeker – zoals vele anderen op die leeftijd - en de drank en drugs gaven mij iets wat ik dacht niet in mijzelf te hebben. Ik vond het stoer, de drank en wiet voelde lekker en eindelijk hoorde ik ergens bij. Mijn leven begon vrij snel te ontsporen – van school gestuurd, kinderrechter etc.

Het duurde niet lang voordat ik mijn eerste xtc pil nam en mijn eerste lijntje coke. Mijn leven was prima, de jaren bestonden uit school, werken, feesten. Een prima leven vond ik. Toen ik begin twintig was liep mijn drugsgebruik uit de hand en begon mijn leven er flink onder te lijden. Ik had moeite met functioneren op mijn school en op mijn werk, en financieel kon ik ook geen vooruitgang boeken. Er was een duidelijk verschil tussen mij en mijn vrienden. Zij hielden wel van een feestje en een jointje, maar ik kon niet ‘normaal’ doen. Ze spraken mij hier geregeld op aan: ‘Henk, doe es ff normaal joh, dat gaat nooit goed’. In de jaren erna waren mijn vrienden hun leven aan het opbouwen, maar ik kon nauwelijks een stap verder doen. Mijn vrienden trouwden, kregen kinderen, hadden hun school afgemaakt en werkten aan hun carriere. Ik zat te drinken, blowen en te snuiven en gebruikte meerdere soorten medicijnen. Ik werd depressief en de afstand tussen mij en mijn vrienden werd steeds groter. Over de jaren was ik in allerlei verslavingsklinieken geweest en op zich had ik wel de wens om te stoppen met drank en drugs, maar ik ging nooit tot het uiterste om clean te blijven.

Op 13 september 2010 ging ik opnieuw naar een kliniek, ditmaal in het buitenland en voor een langere periode. Ik zat psychisch, fysiek en financieel aan de grond. Een depressief en drugsverslaafd wrak. Mijn 29e verjaardag had ik in een kliniek in Utrecht gevierd en nu zou ik ook mijn 30e verjaardag in een kliniek zijn. Het kon mij niets meer schelen, ik wist dat ik mijn leven drastisch moest veranderen. Dit was de eerste keer dat ik echt naar mij en mijn problemen wilde kijken en er ook daadwerkelijk aan te werken.
Het was soms best lastig en heel veel werk, maar het is het beste wat ik ooit gedaan heb. In de kliniek kreeg ik de hulp die ik nodig had en de feedback die ik moest horen om mijn leven beter te kunnen leiden. Ik ben op dit moment ruim 5 jaar drank en drugs vrij en trots op de dingen die ik doe vandaag de dag. Ik voel mij goed, ik ben blij en stabiel. En dat is fantastisch!

My time at Hope Rehab by Simon P


I take great pleasure in writing this as I literally owe you and Hope my life and is the basis for my letter.

Depending on how you look at it I know personally I am grateful to have relapsed twice before after rehabilitations, both times were at the same major rehabilitation centre in Thailand, as it gave me the opportunity and blessing to finally hit my rock bottom, as I was literally on my hands and knees when I called you on that Monday night I remember so well.

I have been thinking lately why has it “worked” so far this time and after much consideration I can confidently put it down to three (3) major areas that were not present at my two other attempts or were what Hope offered available to me to experience at the rehabilitation establishment I was at both times and theses reasons are as follows:

1. I arrived at Hope literally having lost ‘my everything’ in that I had been forced to sell my very large company business, my wife had left me, my son communicated he ‘hated’ me and my existence was completely unmanageable and toxic in every respect;

2. I was also, for the first time, doing this for ME and not so I could ‘keep my family’ or make ‘other people’ happy or to continue my lies and manipulations etc.;

3. And finally because of the unique ‘mix’ of the program you have managed to develop at Hope compared to the program of my only other experience and that’s the two efforts I had at another major rehabilitation centre in Thailand.

I would like to elaborate a touch more on point 3 as it has for now finally made recovery possible for me and sadly that wasn’t ever a reality at the other major rehabilitation centre I experienced in Thailand.

Your programme at Hope has a wonderful blend of 12 steps, Mindfulness, Meditation, Exercise and most importantly for me (and the other clients I met while recovering) was your unique mix of primary and secondary recoveries all in the one program and I definitely didn’t get that experience at my other rehabilitation journey as they if anything ‘frowned’ upon any secondary recovery aspects being an option or even a consideration and that I learned limited any chance I had of recovering in their environment.

For yourself and Hope to give the clients the opportunity to slowly over time, and with the supervision and care of your staff, to integrate with the ‘outside’ world while we are still in primary recovery was not only an amazing experience but it was a blessing that has truly enabled me personally to so far be the healthiest I have ever had the pleasure to be.

I congratulate you on such a forward thinking and proactive program you have developed at Hope and unfortunately wasn’t available to me at my other rehabilitation experience in Thailand and of course I thank you form the bottom of my heart.

I wish you continued success and know our relationship doesn’t finish but merely changes slightly but is one I can count on for many years to come.

Thank you again and all the very best.