The Hope Team

“Addiction professionals and persons in recovery know the ‘HOPE’ that is found in recovery. Recovery is available even to persons who may not at first be able to perceive this HOPE.” - American Society of Addiction Medicine

Hope Rehab are NAADAC members 'Association for Addiction Professionals' international arm and UK FDAP Affiliated. With the Team of over 35 hardworking certified staff from various relevant disciplines, Hope has a high ratio of therapeutic staff to clients. In addition to being specially trained all our staff are peer counsellors as the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel. 

Read our Blog post about the benefits working for  Hope RehabThailand.....

Hope Rehab has a diverse team all working to help you on the path to recovery

Hope Rehab Treatment Team

The best rehab teams consists of varied and caring individuals. Our talented crew includes international addictions specialists and coaches to help you achieve the best result possible. 

Hope benefits from a full compliment of Thai staff: a skilled masseuse providing soothing massages to clients, disciplined helpful housekeeping staff and kitchen staff who make all the delicious varied meals.

The Hope Team consists of 38 persons.


Simon Mott has all the training needed to lead the team at Hope Rehab and to give you the best chance at recovery

Simon Mott – Co-founder Hope

Simon's history includes Managing the Cabin Chiang Mai Rehab for 3 years, working for the criminal justice sector in the UK, as well as managing public services for the local government in London.

"The qualities we look for in staff are not only experienced and certified but also that they can inspire and reach our clients" Simon 

Read Simon's personal story in the Telegraph

Like many addiction experts Simon Mott has experienced addiction from both sides of the fence, and having been a client himself in Rehab this gives him an insiders point of view. He relocated from the UK, having managed the Barnet Community Engagement Team in North London. He has 20 years experience in the substance misuse sector overall.

Simon is a member of FDAP the Federation of Drug and Alcohol professionals and registered with Asia Percific Certification Board APCB and AQA certified in Counselling, He also has a portfolio of DANOS specialist substance misuse training from Herts Uni and the Royal College of General Practitioner UK Certificate in the Management of Drugs Misuse pdf which includes prescribing management and to administrate the detoxification process. 

During his time working in London Simon’s interests included joining the ‘All Party Meeting of the Parliamentary Drug Misuse Group’ help monthly at the House of commons, UK Govenment. He conducted harm-reduction research trials that have been recognised by the Home Office and contributed to --misuse of drugs act--changes.

Alon Kumsawad – co-founder of Hope Rehab

Alon is a yoga and meditation teacher as well as  a fitness and dance trainer, bringing a unique flavour to the mix. Being Thai and a Buddhist, she has her own practice that she shares with her clients.

Alon is a graduate of the Chiang Mai Rajamangala University in Liberal Arts and Administration and is a qualified fitness instructor. She also has qualifications in Yoga and Pilates. In addition, Alon served five years in the territorial Special Forces holding the rank of Sub-Lieutenant.

Alon brings Thai tradition and culture to Hope Rehab as well as her training in Yoga, Thai Chi and Pilates


Paul Garrigan - Addiction Nurse  

Author of "Dead Drunk" and other addiction-related books, Paul blogs about mindfulness and addiction recovery with a significant global following at

Paul is originally from Ireland however moved to The Kingdom of Thailand in 2001. When Paul was 25 years old he decided he wanted to be a nurse so entered university and qualified as a nurse 3 years later. Completing a Nursing Higher National Diploma at St Bartholomew's training Hospital in London and the nursing degree at Dublin City University. (RGN/BSc Nursing) 

He is  a qualified nurse  who now specialises in the field of mindfulness, mental illness, and addiction. Also a qualified teacher, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).


Paul Garrigan - Mindfulness coach I enjoyed my new profession but my addiction to alcohol made my life difficult and miserable most of the time, despite working around the world. Since being in recovery I have followed a new path as Mindfulness and Mediation teacher, and author. 

One of the mindfulness practices I teach clients at Hope Rehab is qigong. It struck me recently during our Saturday evening class how in some ways my life has come full-circle. When I was fourteen years old, I used to lead a martial arts class (Lau Gar Kung-Fu) for younger kids (pee wees) that was also on Saturday evenings – the funny thing is we used to do almost the same qigong routine I teach now at Hope - Read More about Paul's personal story on Paul's page....

Henk Nagel – Program Manager

Henk, a Recovery Coach from the Netherlands, BA Human resource, also a Graduate in Holland, specialist subject HE cert Psychology and Mental Health and Understanding Drugs and Addiction. Henk is a bright enthusiastic individual, with great experience of recovery and helping others work the 12 steps. As well as working with clients on a 1:1 basis, he leads powerful groups as part of the center’s structured program. 

Henk's story..."Quitting alcohol and drugs was the best thing I have ever done. My life has been better than I had ever imagined.…Read more



Samina Khan - Senior Therapist 

Samina has held a life long fascination with human behaviour which has led to her completing a Bachelor's degree in psychology, a Master's degree in Change Agent Skills; she trained as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and she is currently studying for a Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology. Samina's working life began in the world of perfumes where she was a trained “nose” and travelled the world meeting and presenting new ideas to clients and delivering speeches at global conferences; however her underlying passion for working with people soon led her to begin her path as a business trainer where she worked with large corporate clients focussing on areas such as motivation, attitude and team building.

Whilst she loved the satisfaction of making a difference within the corporate sector, the profit based focus of the business world soon became too limiting and she left to be able to work in a deeper and more transformative way. In recent years she has been able to combine her love of delivering workshops with deeper one to one work, spending several years at New Life Foundation in Northern Thailand. She now arrives at Hope eager to share her skills and knowledge and also immerse herself more within the world of addiction.

Nurse (Aoy) Areeya Vachiranu Wong

Nurse Aoy  is a Thanyarak Institute trained Nurse on Drug & Alcohol Dependence Treatment and Rehabilitation. Thanyarak Institute Thailand is part of the Ministry of Public Health for Thailand. 

The Thanyarak Institute is Thailand’s first and largest treatment center with seven branches located throughout the country. It is under the supervision of the Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health.


Nurse aoy




Vinny  Winit Wonsejullarat - Weekend Manager

Vinny is duel culture American/Thai Citizen. Vinny has been in addiction recovery for many years and works tirelessly for the Thai government as an advisor to the policy makers. Born in Bangkok from High Society Thai parentage and sent to British boarding school at the age of 7, he has a Cambridge Education. Graduating from Victoria University, New Zealand.

Due to his many years of informal recovery work in the community in Thailand Vinny was Invited to train at the highly respected W.H.O.S. Rehab Education facility in Sydney, Australia for “Drug and Alcohol Treatment Professional Certification” completing the course in 2015. Shortly after this Vinny joined the Hope team as a manager. He has proven to be a great asset to the organization. Read more about Vinny's story....

Melissa Nobile - Psychologist-Counsellor

Melissa is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and has studied both at the University of Geneva and the University of California in Los Angeles. Previously working in an Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles as a Community Mentor. Melissa loves to facilitate a diversity of different groups as well as counseling. 

Melissa’s past work experience includes working at Breathe Life Healing Centers, a trauma-informed addiction and dual diagnosis treatment center in West Hollywood, California. She is member of the Active Minds Mental Health Chapter at UCLA, has a Mental Health First Aid USA certification and is currently undergoing training to become a SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) facilitator.



DSCF6981 (1)

Luke Richardson – Counsellor

Luke is a therapist and meditation facilitator from Sydney Australia.

He spent his early career working as an Electronics Engineer. In 2005 after a period of darkness his study focused on Meditation and Personal Development.

Luke is certified in Neuro Linguists Programming, Meditation Facilitation and has a Diploma of Energetic Healing.

From 2009 onward Luke has been working 1:1 with clients all around the world to help enable them to take charge of their lives, become conscious of their emotions and feel at peace with themselves.




Caroline Jones - Counsellor

Caroline has a degree in Health studies, incorporating psychology and mental health. Her experience includes working within mental health services in the UK and also supporting people in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Caroline also worked providing crisis interventions to festival goers who were experiencing problems with Drugs and alcohol. She also holds an NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care. Caroline also practices Reiki healing, mediation and crystal colour therapy, and has many years experience as a group facilitator.

"How great is it to be able to work in the field that you love, in such beautiful surroundings? The team have made me feel so welcome and already at home. I have gained so much from such a knowledgeable staff team, and continue to learn and grow both academically and spiritually".


20160530_083926_resized (1)


Gordon Boyce – Senior Counsellor

"I am still having to pinch myself on a daily basis that I’m working at Hope Rehab"

As a member of the team at Hope Rehab in Thailand, I am still having to pinch myself daily that I’m here. It is such a pleasure to be working as part of this wonderful team, helping to change people’s lives and in such a beautiful setting. I am an experienced group work facilitator and addiction counsellor, with many years of experience in the field.

Gordon has qualifications and awards in Health and Social NVQ level 3, Certification and Diploma in Counseling NVQ, Working Therapeutically with Addictions NVQ level 3. SMART recovery  certified facilitator.

Maria – Senior Therapist

Maria Rogers is a senior female counsellor with 12 years experience and a BACP registered Therapist. Thankfully Maria joined Hope in 2015 from the Priory Rehab in UK after after a long and successful career.

Maria graduated with a counselling and psychotherapy higher diploma in Integrative Humanistic model. Qualified Trauma training (Pia Melody) debrief inner child shame reduction, Psychology abnormalities and ideal mental health. Person Centred Approach, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Neuroscience and Psychodynamic and Transactional Analysis, - Read more about Maria's personal story on her page...



Natalie: Admissions manager 


Natalie receiving her award

The opportunity at Hope came in June 2015 and I am so grateful for it. I love the approach at Hope, 12 steps, mindfulness, meditation, CBT. Very open minded which I feel is necessary. We really work on building self esteem and self worth, while also providing the tools necessary to stay clean no matter what. It’s a wonderful environment – beautiful setting and client care is priority. We have a wide range of workshops and with our counselling team we have a lot of different angles and approaches to deal with individual cases. I’ve seen some great changes and turnarounds here at Hope and again this is proof that anyone can get clean and stay clean if you are willing to do whatever it takes. I don’t believe anyone is a hopeless case.’ Read more about Natalie story....



Chris Walker – Counsellor

Chris is a senior counsellor and group facilitator, also a certified addiction recovery coach (CARC). Other qualifications include a diploma level 4 in counselling, specialising in substance misuse. He is also registered with the Royal College of general practitioners in substance misuse management. NVQ level 3 in advice and guidance and Chris has a certificate in mental health awareness. 

Before coming to Hope he worked in UK drug and alcohol treatment services for many years including the criminal justice sector, providing treatment for prisoners and in the community. 

Chris is also in recovery himself. His experience includes: Working with high risk drug taking behaviour and poly drug users. He has extensive knowledge in opiate prescribing including benzodiazepine and alcohol detoxes. He also worked on the UK festival scene providing welfare and crisis interventions to festival goers specialising in MDMA, Ketamine, Psychedelics and novel psychoactive substances.

"I came to Hope rehab and instantly fell in love with the place. Hope is unique because they incorporate CBT group work with mindfulness and meditation practises, which really begins to heal the soul and spirit. I really believe in creating an environment where the power of the group and the therapeutic community all work together with the expertise and support of the team"

Adam - Support Manager

I am an Australian ice addict, now recovering addict: I am 33 years old and just celebrated 12 months clean and sober on 28th April 2016. It has all been made possible by using the tools and following suggestions made to me by the counselling team of Hope Rehab. When I arrived at Hope Rehab I was broken, completely beaten up, not only physically and mentally but spiritually as well. I guess 21 years of using and drinking would do that to a person. Now, today I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my life still involved with Hope as a support worker and even though it has its own challenges is quite possibly the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Not only am I still involved but most importantly I am still clean and sober, enjoying life on life’s terms.



Parice - support worker

I am a recovering addict I began using when I was 15 and I came to hope rehab centre on the 23/2/16 for treatment I was so desperate to change my life I was a shell of my former self I was lost and broken.

As soon as I walked through the gates I used every tool and every bit of advice I could to help me get better again. I knew my way was not working anymore… I did 3 months of treatment and I loved it, I felt at home and I decided I really wanted to give back and help other people just like me so I went home for 6weeks to attend meetings and get a sponsor and see my family and I then flew back to Thailand to be part of the team at Hope rehab.

Jeff (Chaivudh Asavabharuj)

Jeff is Hope's administrator and helps with everything from visa, accounts, anything anyone needs, managing restaurant orders for 30 people when we go out to eat as a group. 

Jeff's previous work includes traveling the world representing a Thai jewelry manufacture, as many Gem stones come from Thailand and South East Asia. 






Bernie - Social Work intern

I am an intern at the Hope Rehab center for the next 10 months (started at 1/8/ 2016). My name is Berdie, 20 years old and I am in my final year of my bachelor of Social Work study in the Netherlands.

Two main reasons why I choose to do an internship abroad are that I want to improve my English and I want to understand and learn more about addiction. My curiousness for mindfulness and meditation made me decide to apply for Hope in Thailand, and here I am!

From my first day I felt really welcomed and comfortable at Hope. I am really grateful for the staff for giving me such a great opportunity to learn from their methods, treatments and ways of encouraging people for recovery. I think my energy, perseverance, positive motivation and passion for sports will be a good complement for the team and clients.

May (Kritsakorn Worasuk)

Hope Rehab's very own Muay Thai Boxing Trainer, all clients get one to one Muay Thai boxing training every afternoon, we also attend the local Muay Thai boxing gym for group sessions.

May Thai Boxing (มวยไทย) uses almost every part of the body, and it is for this reason that it is sometimes referred to as 'the art of the eight limbs’. Thai can be viewed as a sport, art, fitness routine, self-defense practice, or even a spiritual path. It is one of the activities you are going to get to experience during your time with us here at Hope Rehab Center.



fee (1)

Fee Lutafee 

Thai Peer Counsellor -Fee started at Hope as our first Thai Recovering addict peer intern, he trained at Hope to be a counsellor and support worker.  Fee graduated from Thanyarak Pattani Rehab center after spending 4 months in treatment. He is now a pioneer of Narcotics Anonymous in Southern Thailand. He is a wonderful and helpful person to have on the team, taking care of all the clients needs. Read more about Fee's story....


Paul - Support Worker

Paul joined the team at Hope Rehab in May 2016 as a support worker. After being in recovery himself, Paul worked as a support worker/sports coach with people in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse, gaining qualifications in mental health and substance misuse. Paul is qualified in coaching many sports including dodgeball, rounders, cycling etc. He is a qualified health champion and qualified community activator NVQ level 2. Paul also worked on the UK festival scene providing welfare crisis intervention to festival goers. Pauls favourite quotes are: "Dream without limits and live without regrets" and "Life is what you make it".

"I feel very blessed to be working at Hope. I went through CBT and mindfulness as part of my recovery, which they use here at Hope. I worked the 12 steps and attended NA meetings. I think Hope is very unique in what they offer, and I feel very privilaged to be part of the therapeutic team"


Marr, one of our Thai massage experts

What is Thai massage?

Thai massage is usually done on a padded mat on the floor. No oil is applied, so you are fully dressed. You are usually asked to bring or wear comfortable clothing to the massage. A typical Thai massage is 60 minutes long. It is the responsibility of the massage therapist to carry out the work, while the individual on the receiving end reaps the benefits.

Many people find that Thai massage has the following benefits: relaxation and reduction of stress.

Marr and Mon – Thai Massage

Thai massage is a system of massage and manipulation developed in Thailand, and influenced by the traditional medicine systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia, as well as by yoga. Marr is highly trained and qualified in all aspects of Massage. 

Believed to be over 2000 years old, traditional Thai massage is an authentic healing art and unique form of body therapy developed by people who used massage not only as a therapeutic method of healing to treat illnesses, but to maintain health and well-being.

Mon is also an experienced practitioner of Thai Massage

Health coaching is one of the core elements of our treatment approach and massage therapy is part of this.

Our Cooking Team at Hope receiving awards for their recipes

Hope provides employment for members of the local community
Hope provides employment for members of the local community
Hope Rehab is committed to providing the best local food
Hope Rehab is committed to providing the best local food
Hope Rehab is committed to providing the best local food
Hope Rehab is committed to providing the best local food

Disclaimer; Hope Rehab maintains a highly informative website. Our core value is integrity and to the best of our knowledge the information regarding staff is correct and accurate. Information regarding the program and staff is all on the website. We background and check all staff before offering employment,