The testimonials on this page are written by our clients happy to talk about there experiences at Hope. For confidentiality reasons many have only given their first names, initials or place of residense. Results can vary by each individual and according to how long a clients stays in treatment at Hope Rehab. 

Finding Hope

I found a treatment program in Thailand based around all of the steps. I didn’t realize it before I booked, but the program also involved exercise, CBT, mindfulness, meditation, self-affirmations, counselling, gratitude, inventory, and other useful tools. It was exactly what I needed. The treatment center focused on all of the steps and the program showed me how to live – by using each step in my life on a daily basis. Read more about Charlene's time at Hope

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Reaching out for HOPE…..and found it

I arrived at Hope full of Shame and guilt and an absolute wreck after relapsing for a couple of weeks just short of 5 years clean.

I had been “Mrs Recovery” throughout but had been plagued with anxiety and insomnia throughout this time and when I relapsed I was in the middle of a breakdown: physical and more

In August 2015, I came to a point where I could no longer go on functioning. I knew I needed an intensive program and I found Hope Rehab in Thailand. I did not know what to expect and I definitely did not believe that I was capable of staying clean however I was totally desperate so willing to try anything. Hope Rehab has been amazing for me and exactly what I needed at the right time. I had been in a harsh world with no love and compassion, at Hope I was shown so much patience, tolerance, compassion and love. Its been a real healing process......Read more about Rene's time at Hope

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Hope Rehab Thailand - Beach29

I am very grateful to Hope and the team for helping me get my life back together, so I have written a Hope rehab review. The idea of going to rehab had been going through my mind for sometime. I thought that I had hidden my drug life away from my wife and family.

I told her it was just the drink but she knew there was more to it. The lowest point of my drug using life was when I was caught smoking Meth (ice) at work. For years I’d been getting praise for my overtime and commitment to the job but things were beginning to fall apart. Meth was taking over my life and I was on the verge of losing everything

Mik Whitnall “BabyShambles”


Mik Whitnall here checking in! Thank you for everyone’s sincere words, I’ll never be able to thank you all enuf for giving me a chance at real life.

In the words of tammy Wynette “one day at a time……sweet Jesus ”

Special thanks to Simon and Alon and the team for taking care of me so well.

Cat Marnell NYC

catMy thirty days in Thailand in treatment working with Simon as my counselor and the team was incredible: a bright star-month of hope, healing, and happiness (an emotion/emotional state that I generally–being an addict– do not authentically feel) against the backdrop of a dark, stormy sky of a drug-addicted life in New York City. I have been to four outpatient centers and three in-patient rehabs here, and the Center in Thailand was so superior in many ways. Not only did it cost much less, the treatment and experience was overwhelmingly more effective and interesting and special.


Having had the opportunity to have met Simon and Alon during my 3 and a half months of treatment, the only word that comes to mind is “GRATEFUL”. These wonderful people made me feel so loved and cared for during my treatment. Thanks to them i am today 6 months clean and still going strong. They didn’t give me a second chance in life, but a chance at a second life.

Much Love,

Andy Boyd

‘Simon Mott’ is the best drug counselor I’ve met bar none. He strikes the right balance between strength and humility, you never feel your being preached to, only helped and inspired to recover. I recommend his services to anyone who wants to take back control of their lives.’

ANDY BOYD…..Pete Doherty’s Manager.

T____ Malaysia

I think that as an addict and alcoholic we were never helped by society, in Malaysia anyway… I did not get the help I heeded until I came to you and the team. I’m still addict and alcoholic I doing my recovery for my rest of life. As long as i don’t pick up drugs or drink, go meeting regularly, do my steps work, keep in touch with my sponsor and do service work then I will be fine. always think of “1 day at the time” now.

What do you think about our new rehab project. I think it is great, its good to have more rehab at everywhere, no matter how big or small your rehab as long as can help addicts and alcoholic are still suffer.

You really helped me Simon and give me chances so I am always greatful to you and look forward to seeing your new place.

Best luck to you and Alon for future and all people you will help.
T____ Malaysia


I’m a chef which means I don’t get to do recovery by the book, far from it, in actual fact my recovery pretty much breaks all the rules there are, I’m constantly told to change careers but that’s easier said than done, I work with and around alcohol all day, I work with 2 functioning alcoholics who stink of booze and talk about drinking all day, my job is very stressful, I’m around heavy drinkers and drug users and I don’t get to go to regular meetings because of the hours I work so I’ve had to botch together my own program.

I started with some, ‘Do your best and let the universe take care of the rest’ got some sticky tape and chewing gum and stuck on a bit of, ‘Life on life’s terms’ and, ‘One day at a time’, tied on some, ‘Distorted thought process control’ and, ‘Be aware of your triggers’ with a pair of old shoelaces, added a sprinkled of daily meditation and shoved a load of ‘Keep it simple’ in the gaps and there we have it, from an outsiders perspective she ain’t no looker  but I’m pretty cosy inside, sometimes you’ve just got to use what you’ve got, I’ll admit it’s not perfect, I hit a few bumps along the way and bits fall off but that’s ok, it’s still trundling along and that’s what matters.


I was in treatment at Hope in January 2015. Dylan was my counsellor. I am a lawyer that practices in finance in Canada and the US, which can be stressful.  I was in a great deal of internal turmoil when I met Simon and Dylan, not to mention denial.  They helped me to see the level of my denial and how alcohol was affecting all aspects of my life and the underlying reasons, so that I could begin to heal, and helped create a plan for recovery. Alon was wonderful in showing me ways to still my mind through meditation in different forms such as sitting meditation and Tai Chi. Its taken some time and work, but I have been able to let go much of the fear in me and am happy and calm like never before.

I would highly recommend the new rehab project of Simon and Alon for anyone that feels they may need help with substance abuse or depression.

I wish you luck and peace. KM


Hi Guys,

Me again… a year ago I was with you guys in Thailand. I am still sober and just wanted to let you know how precious your help was.
Nothing compares to your method and program. I knew nothing about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy before. What a blessing that, and your other protocols were, and still are!!Thank you!
It broke me… I am a new person (almost…) now.

Take care. And please thank Simon for me. He helped me amazingly, settle into rehab, and progress at my own pace.  I wish I was still with you guys to do my other steps. (I have made my 4th and 5th here locally… but no comparison with your method.  …)
I hope to visit you someday. –


Adrian Hunter

My name is Adrian Hunter and I have a music business management company.
One of my artists has real addiction problems.
This impacts greatly on his and my personal and professional lives.

Simon Mott helped greatly with my client.
His understanding of addiction and patience had a great influence on my client and contributed to his attempting to recover from his addictions.
The work Simon and his team did was greatly important in my client beginning his journey out of addiction and while this journey is not yet complete the lessons he learned from Simon have proved invaluable.
I myself benefitted greatly from the advice and reassurance of Simon and his team during some difficult times.

I still continue with my management company and my client.
There are still struggles with addiction but the difference is that now I know that when the time is right Simon is available to help and that I can always contact him for any advice or support required.

I think Simon’s new rehab project will be a great success in helping many, many people with the disease of addiction given the experience and humanity of those involved.

Alex – London

Just thought I would drop you guys a quick email to say thanks for all the help and assistance you gave me when I came to your Rehab Centre. From the outset you made me feel at home and were non judgmental about the problems I was experiencing. I now know that the road I am on is a long and permanent one, but thanks to you guys I am at least on the right road. So I would like to thank Simon and all the team once again for all their hard work.