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 Journalist Dean Cornish visits Hope and a Vomiting Temple - Comparing Western and traditional - Interesting film looking at how a shortage of treatment is driving many to turn to Thailand for help.

In 2009 Simon was recruited to work as the manager in alarge treatment centre in northern Thailand - he was asked to tell his story in this article​. Simon Mott's family was privileged, creative and loving. So how did this young man lose 20 years of his life to drug addiction and crime? He recounts how he came back from rock bottom

"I almost ended up like Peaches, but there is a way out"

Simon Mott, the founder of Hope Rehab Thailand - a former heroin addict who knew both Peaches and Bob Geldof, explains how he turned his life around after years of drug abuse. After hearing the sad news of Peaches Geldof’s death two weeks ago, I remembered a conversation I had with her some years back.

Why Simon and Alon left their jobs at The Cabin to start a new treatment program. I wanted to create a new treatment model, what I call recovery-coaching in the community. I employ people in recovery to take our clients out. They go to restaurants, shopping, sightseeing and so on. We have been very busy…..

"Are some people really 'born addicts'?" Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he “was born an alcoholic and will die an alcoholic”, but is that just a convenient excuse for his behaviour. Simon Mott, now runs a rehab centre in Thailand, says allowing addicts to believe they are “born this way” may stop them from seeking help.

Cleaning up in the Kitchen - Posted on July 27, 2014
A cooks story – Cleaning up in the kitchen –

"I started to take heroin in 1992 just after the publication of my first cookbook and having just been promoted to sole video editor on a new 8 part prime time TV series for Channel 4. Life was great, I was a success and then there were the drugs. I was 24 years old then…."

Pete Doherty returns to Thai rehab centre Hope Rehab.
Two years after being kicked out of a similar facility, the Libertines frontman is hoping once more to quit heroin and ‘help other struggling addicts’

Pete Doherty's interview after joining Hope Rehab as a client.

"To anyone struggling with addiction, I would say this: just hang on, hang on. There is a way out. You will heal. I don't care how much damage you've done, you can heal. I would say ask someone for help, just get yourself along to an NA or AA meeting, you'll be amazed….."

Simon Mott, the co-founder and manager of Hope Rehab Center Thailand, discusses how he opened his addiction rehabilitation center, his philosophy for drug and addiction treatment,  in ThaiLawForum’s latest “Entrepreneurs in Thailand” video.
One of the main challenges to starting his business was finding the right location, Mott said. He decided to build Hope Rehab Center in the coastal town of Sriracha because it had all the resources he needed, including a reputable hospital, but wasn’t too touristic
Pete Doherty talks about treatment at Hope Rehab Center
"So many people could benefit so much from treatment here. This is a wonderful place to be and I know some people who would really grab it with both hands if they have the opportunity"
Simon Mott talks to the Western Australia about beating Heroin Addiction and Peaches Geldof
"I recently had the opportunity to visit one of the private addiction rehabs here in Thailand. Hope Rehab Center is located in Sri Racha which is about 140km from where I live in Rayong. The facility is run by Simon Mott, and he is an easy-to-like guy who is passionate about recovery..."

FEATURE: From addiction to recovery – an international journey of hopeReporter Laura Smith was invited to a drugs rehab in Thailand where her friend will soon be working.

"When I first met Emily McMillan, it was to interview her as a client of drugs rehab charity Focus12..."

Doherty has departed Hope Rehab after completing a treatment plan that included a combination of methadone, counseling, exercise and intense therapy. He was sent heroin in the post on two separate occasions…...

The Libertines release short video from contract signing in Thailand The reunited quartet signed the deal last week (December 5), and said that they would be releasing their third album in 2015. 

Now they have released a clip showing them on the island of Ko Si Chang – where the signing took place – following a tweet from frontman Carl Barat which pre-empted the clip.


Doherty has been writing music clean for the first time in years. “I’ve come up with some good riffs too. Like simple bass lines and I’m trying to get this warlord's daughter to play drums for me but she’s off the radar at the moment. So hopefully we’ll have some new ideas when Carl next bounds into view in his bandana and leathers."