Intern basic requiremens

The most productive and successful interns have been the long-stay participants. Some interns have stayed as long as 6 months and this works very well in residential rehab settings. This allows enough time to....

  • Get to understand our recovery program
  • Gain an understand of addiction and addicts
  • Get to know our client group and team members
  • Gaining confidence and practice in your discipline 
  • Complete a valuable work placement. 

We now have a minimum placement length of stay, between 3 and 6 months. The internship is not a working holiday, it is a rare opportunity to learn the skills that cannot be practiced in university classrooms. We also believe that Psychology and Addiction based disciplines are best suited to Hope's Internship program. 


Social Work intern Berdie from Holland

I am an intern at the Hope Rehab center for the next 10 months (started at 1/8/ 2016). My name is Berdie, 20 years old and I am in my final year of my bachelor of Social Work study in the Netherlands.

Two main reasons why I choose to do an internship abroad are that I want to improve my English and I want to understand and learn more about addiction. My curiousness for mindfulness and meditation made me decide to apply for Hope in Thailand, and here I am!

"From my first day I felt really welcomed and comfortable at Hope. I am really grateful for the staff for giving me such a great opportunity to learn from their methods, treatments and ways of encouraging people for recovery. I think my energy, perseverance, positive motivation and passion for sports will be a good complement for the team and clients"

“Coming to Hope Rehab Thailand is the biggest and best decision I have ever made. Being here is an amazing experience and experience is the key word here. Every day of my internship I learn new things. I feel confident and supported by my colleagues as a full member of the team. Honestly it is a wonderful place to be.”


Niels Nijland Psychology Intern from Amsterdam University

"It has been the most amazing experience of my life so far. The first two weeks I was adjusting to the new routine (getting up at 6 in the morning was not something I usually did) and adjusting to the new place where I was going to spend the next six months. Luckily for me the staff at hope are really supportive. They involve you in everything. I got to sit in every group, do all the activities.  What I really started to love about Hope were the people involved and they way they interact with each other and with me. There is a mutual respect between clients and staff that makes for a really nice atmosphere.

My first weeks I engaged in everything, made long days but it was worth it. After a while I got more responsibilities and I find it very important to try and connect with the clients. Read more about Niels experience here....

Kim’s experience

My Experiences as an Intern at Hope Rehab Thailand – Kim Pascoe It has been an incredible privilege to work as part of the team at Hope, who provide a primary treatment drug rehabilitation program in Thailand. Hope has successfully helped countless lives and continues to do so. Since completing a Masters of Applied Psychology in Hong Kong,

Internship Program – Hope Rehab

Hope is an addiction treatment center in Si Racha, Thailand which provides recovery from substance abuse. It offers treatment to men and women suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Our unique program treats individuals in a comfortable environment, where we have helped clients break free from substance abuse. Our exceptional Thailand based drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and addiction recovery program fosters a healthy, constructive and comfortable environment for clients to grow as they achieve their personal goals on the road to recovery and includes individual therapy, group therapy, family involvement/therapy as well as education about addictions and relapse prevention.

Interns can expect to work five days a week and make a meaningful difference in the center's daily life. Duties vary depending on qualification and experience, but include the following:

- Group therapy observation twice a day
- Developing new ideas for group therapies
- Managing information and general administration support
- Monitoring and reporting of clients
- Participate in staff meetings and give feedback and support to the team
- One to one work with clients on assignement work or any additional work they may have outside of the session with their counsellor
- Supporting and assisting in group and individual activities or outings
- Pick up and drop off clients to the airport
- Do intake of the clients on arrival/ bag search
- Do assessments and phone calls to prospective clients
- Participate in all sport activities
- Participate in meditation sessions
- Be a positive role model for the community
- Write articles for Hope's
- Show willingness to learn and work hard

Hello Simon and team,

I came to Hope as an psychology intern. Thank you for offering me the opportunity of an internship a few months ago at Hope Rehab. Working with the group and with you was very enriching and fulfilling and I still think fondly of this month and experience. Despite having a large and diverse team, you were obviously a leader with great talents to sum up and bring new ideas and energy to the discussions, both to the team and the clients. I learned so much with you that I could not learn in university or at any school I guess, so thank you again.


Luuk Bron – Volunteer & Internship Program – Hope Rehab Thailand

A huge thank you to Luuk Bron from Holland, hard work and help from all the team at Hope, 

Footbal Hope Rehab Thailand13 copy

Luuk is on the right having a good laugh - fun in recovery!!!

specially for these great can follow his recovery travels blog

What you’ll be doing..

Examples of intern responsibilities might include the following assignments:

  • Group work, one-to-one with clients
  • Attend meetings and interventions
  • Assist staff members with program-related tasks and projects

Intern Requirements

To be eligible for an internship or a volunteer program, the following criteria is required:

  • A willingness to learn and participate in a rehabilitation program.
  • To take part in the daily program, including exercise, mindfulness and activities.

We choose applicants solely on their merit and not because of other factors such as nationality, gender, sexual preferences, race, or religion etc. Volunteer assignments are strictly unpaid and without financial compensation. However we do provide full accommodation, 3 meals a day and all activities are paid for.

My name is Nerissa Hoogmoed and I am Hope Rehab’s first intern. I have been asked to share my experience with you. This is not perfect, because experience – like I said – doesn’t translate to words very well but I will do my very best.

Life at Hope is exhilarating; there is always something going on and there is always something to do. Because of that I have learned so much here that it is nearly impossible to explain but I will try my hardest. The study I do – applied psychology – is both theoretical and practical and it is designed around nine competences. I have used five of those competences for my internship and to write an interim internship report. The competences are: Professionalizing, interdisciplinary cooperation, working with diversity and coaching, guidance to those wishing to make behavioral changes, and informing others regarding behavioral issues. I based my learning goals on these competences and reflect on them regularly. This structure helps me to keep focus and to keep moving forward.

But theory and practice are two different things. In theory I am working on accomplishing five learning goals but in reality I do a lot more and I learn a lot more. Following is a list of things I commonly do with the clients.

  • Intake assessments
  • Take clients to the hospital
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Groups therapy sessions
  • Exercise
  • Guide on excursions

Interim Report Internship 2015 by Nerissa

Narissa’s Testimonial


“As a student you learn a lot but as an intern you learn a lot more, you gain experience and experience you can’t get from a book.”

Working here as an intern is like being a full member of the staff. Fortunately, I am supervised very well. I am supervised by a teacher from school and also by the head-counselor here. Hope Rehab offers a lot of learning opportunities and it is a safe place to learn.

Job description – Nerissa Hoogmoed

To complete this internship I work on the following competencies.

  • Working with diversity
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Observing, analysing and assessing behavioural issues
  • Coaching and guidance to those wishing to make behavioural changes.
  • Inform others regarding behavioural issues.

To meet up with these competences, tasks have been formulated. Working with diversity, cooperating interdisciplinary and professionalizing are not specified because I will be working on them regardless. The second three competences are specified.

To blend into an unfamiliar organization is a developing progress. In the beginning it is important to make observations and do interviews. I make observations in group and in one-on-one meetings and I do interviews with the staff as well as the clients. Doing this helps me to realize a strong base for a professional working relationship and it covers the competence observing, analysing and assessing behavioural issues.

I have been given the opportunity to be a full member of the team and counsel clients as well as doing group sessions. I set up relatively short trainings teach clients and colleges about various different subjects. Last but not least I do solution focused one-on-one sessions. This is a technique to motivate clients, during 45 minute sessions, in a very positive way.

Volunteer Program

It is the philosophy of our program to provide a service for others, and we encourage people to continue this by giving back. We appreciate these precious contributions, and welcome volunteers in a number of capacities. If you are interested in donating some of your valuable time or talent to Hope Rehab Center, please Contact Us.

Please note that volunteers may provide treatment services to our clients. In exchange for your services you will provided with 3 meals a day and accommodation.

Thank you for helping us save lives through recovery!

Sonny’s Testimonial

"My service time at Hope was much like life, in that it had ups and downs.  Our clients, just as ourselves, had good days and not so good days; those moods and realities affected the staff as well.  It was hard work over long days.  My primary responsibility during my time there was assisting Alon with the physical conditioning program.  Suffice it to say that most addicts aren’t often thrilled about getting up at 5:45 a.m. to ‘punish’ their bodies!  It was a challenge"

That said, it was a challenge well worth undertaking, and I wouldn’t trade my time at Hope for anything.  Seeing clients respond to the physical and mental work they put forth and the tremendous growth which comes from that is the ultimate payoff…for everyone involved.  At Hope I had the opportunity to give back to others in need a little bit of what I had received from others years ago.  That in itself was both gratifying and fulfilling beyond measure.  In the end, however, I came away with far more than I think I was able to give, and for me that was the gift of renewal.  A renewed appreciation for where I once was, how far I have come, and how important daily maintenance and regular fellowship and service are in our lives.  It was a stark reminder of the reality of us human beings, how low we can go in our lives, but most of all, how resilient we can be under the most challenging of circumstances; that, if we have courage and HOPE, we can truly turn our lives around and find the serenity and happiness so many of us had been searching for all along.

An internship means you can learn about the tools needed to help people with their addictions

Matt’s Testimonial

"I was lucky enough to spend 8 weeks at Hope in November where I got to see the other side of a treatment center, during that time I was made to feel nothing but welcome and my own recovery got a good spit and polish as well, I was also able to pass on a bit of the hard learned knowledge I had gained since my own treatment and watch as people’s confidence in their own recovery grew, the most important thing that came out of the whole experience was gaining the confidence to finally pursue a career in addiction counseling which I am in the process of sorting out now, I would love to come back to Hope one day"