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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the frequently asked questions we have been asked. If you can’t find the answer to a question you need answering, or you need any further information please Contact Us 

How much will treatment cost?

Our current rate is set at $5995 for 30 days, unbeatable value, second and third months are discounted at $5500, see the cost page for more information on how to pay. Roughly in other currencies we deal with most often…..

  • Australian Dollar AUD $7995
  • Euros € 5395
  • USA Dollar $ 5995
  • UK Pounds sterling £4495


What is included in the price?

Basically everything is included, no hidden extras at all, we have complied a comprehensive list on of whats included in the price.

Where is Hope located in Thailand?

We are the only liecensed Rehab located on the coast in Thailand, and the only Rehab in reach of Bangkok airport, we collect you from Bangkok airport and take you straight to Hope Rehab in less than an hour.

How can I help my loved one?

We will advice you on helping, motivating and getting your loved one to Rehab. We are experts at achieving this over email and on the phone. Show your loved one our website and they will soon take an interest in our treatment centre.

How do I get to Hope and Thailand?

With air travel cost as an all time low, due to oil prices and airline completion, getting to Bangkok is very cheap for westerners. Bangkok is the largest airport outside of a western country and the major hub for Asia.

How do I get to the Rehab?

A Hope team member will be waiting at Bangkok airport arrivals hall at meeting point one to collect you as you exit the bag claim area. You will be driven in a comfortable 4×4 straight to a comfortable room and medication if needed. more detail explained on location page

Can I bring my laptop and phone?

We allow access to phones and laptops as needed. We understand that clients have responsibilities and family commitments unlike some other Rehabs. Generally clients are allowed to keep the electronic devices in their rooms unless interferes with their treatment. Then we will keep the communication devices in the office and allow supervised access when needed.

Can clients leave the Rehab?

As part of treatment all clients get a balanced amount of time off-site. We have 4 weekly off-site trips including restaurant visits and beach visits on weekends. In addition you will have sober-coaching with a team member in town and around the locality. Second and third month senior peers are allowed to escort newer clients to our local shops, 10 minutes walk away. Read our boundaries and policy page.

How much money shall I bring?

You will not need much spending money, a few dollars per week for personal effects, cigarettes and maybe shopping on a local market. If you are sending a loved one, daughter or son then we will keep the spending money locked in the safe and give it out as needed.

Is there an aftercare program?

Yes we have 3 online aftercare private groups that are very popular and lively with clients posting daily, also you will have a minimum of 8 weeks aftercare support from your counsellor and we can also make appropriate referrals to our therapeutic affiliates around the globe.

What is your success rate?

We have an above average success rate, read our testimonials page and outcomes page for further information on the subject.

What does a typical day look like?

The week is deliberately structured like a working week, with time to have fun and relax at the weekend. We have a page that shows the daily and weekly time table and explains a typical day at Hope.

What kind of visa do I need?

All westerners receive a one month visa on arrival at the immigration dest at the airport, after the month is over we will get you another month extention at our local immigration office. Thereafter we escort you on a visa-run to the boarder 3 hours away, its a fun day trip.

What’s the weather like?

The weather in Thailand is perfect for detox and recovery. Its always warm and sunny, even in rainy season, when we have the odd refreshing tropical shower to refresh us.

What does Hope Treat?

Hope is a primary addiction treatment centre however we do addmit Personality disorders and low threshold mental health. please read our What we treat page.

Is Thailand a safe place for Rehab?

Thailand is now a well established destination for quality healthcare and Rehab. Hope’s location is in a particularly safe non-touristy area. We are located in the charming city of Sriracha, the Japanese centre in thailand.

Do we have a refund policy?

Hope has a very fair and well thought out refund policy. You pay an initial deposit of $2000, then you have a few days after arrival to make up your mind as to whether you want to stay and only then pay the balance.

Can I get a discount?

We do give discounts, specially on second months and third months. Contact us for more information.

How much therapy do I get?

You get 3 one on one individual counseling sessions per week, 2 with your counsellor and 1 with your mindfulness coach. Also you will get 12 group therapy sessions per week. This is the minimum you engage in, we are the most intensive Rehab program in Thailand with one the worlds leading program.

How much fitness will I do?

We have a strong fitness program, the day starts at 6.30am and we have fitness classes at 7am before breakfast. Also we have our own Mauy Thai Boxing trainer who provides individual sessions.

What is Rehab?

Rehab is an abbreviation of Rehabilitation and these days usually refers to a residential unit specializing in Addiction. However it is also a generic medical term used to describe any recovery process both physical and mental.

What is Detox?

Short for Detoxification and strictly speaking refers to the process of withdrawing a patient from a toxic substance (Drugs or Alcohol) under clinical supervision. However this term is being used commercially to sell health products and services that are not really Detoxes but the idea helps with marketing.

What is Addiction?

Take a look at our Page on ‘What is Addiction?‘ to find out more detailed information.

What about Confidentiality?

We work with celebrity and executive clients so we understand how important privacy and confidentiality is and respect and protect your anonymity at all times. We follow UK and USA protocols of Duty of Care.

Do I need Rehab?

If you’re looking at this website then you or whoever you are concerned about probably does need Rehab. However you can arrange a clinical assessment to confirm this. For an independent self assessment test visit the following websites;

For Alcoholism or for Drug addiction

Frequently Asked Questions about Alcoholism or for Drug addiction

How does Rehab work?

To keep the environment safe we have rules, expectations and guidelines to be followed, some are very important such as not using drink or drugs unless directed by our staff. No sexual relationships as they ruin the therapeutic community and no aggression, violence or threats.

Will I get my own room?

Every client gets their own Accommodation and personal living space and bathroom for comfort and privacy. Some clients during Detox struggle with sleep and need quiet time to complete therapeutic assignments.

Can I bring my Phone, Ipod and Laptop?

Yes, we understand that you have commitments so we permit structured use, mornings and evenings or at other times with permission from your counsellor. Music helps with fitness and to relax sometimes however we don’t encourage isolating when there are group activities. Computers are very useful to do your assignment work on.

What should I bring with me?

We provide a list what to bring however you don’t need much and you can buy most basic items here. Some medication is not available so check with us before coming.

What about a Special Diet?

We provide a healthy, filling and nutritious diet

Can I have visitors and contact with loved ones?

Yes but we restrict access to outside visitors as it can be a distraction and a trigger. We provide addiction information to family so they understand the problem and the solution.

What type of Rehab should I choose?

Read our website carefully and research others online. We have a tried and tested method used globally and recognized by all well respected professionals.

What’s best a local Rehab or travel to another location?

It is preferable to remove yourself from your familiar surroundings making it less likely you will act out on a craving or leave prematurely. Your confidentiality is safe and there are fewer distractions. Statistically clients get better results by travelling to a facility away from home.

What if AA and other Rehabs did not work previously?

No treatment can claim to be 100% successful, and rarely does anyone succeed the first time so keep trying and eventually you will be successful.

Are you worried about the cost?

Hope rehab is very good value and we always try to help and we will offer discounted treatment whenever possible, particularly on extended stays.

How long will it take?

Commitment and completion is very important so seeing treatment through till the end is advised. There is no set period or time frame; rather it depends on the severity of your case so you may need longer than planned. Rehab comes in different stages starting with primary dealing with the immediate problems, then secondary to deal with more enduring underlying problems and finally sober house, which is a transitional phase for reintegrating into society.

Concerned about work, education or relationships?

It can be difficult leaving loved ones however in the long term it’s worth it and family is relieved to know you are in a safe place. Statistically family involvement gives clients better results. Schoolwork is also allowed plus we are happy to help manage your work issues with Doctors letters.

Should I tell my friends and family?

We think so but in an appropriate manor and with our support and guidance, when you are ready. Be proud you are taking responsibility and being honest is a healthy way forward.

Am I free to leave treatment at any time?

Simple answer is YES we have no locks on the doors, treatment does not work unless you are willing. However we will do our best to encourage you to stay as it is often the Addicted part of someone that wants to leave and will find any excuse.

What do I do next?

Frequently Asked Questions about Hope Rehab Center Thailand