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About Us

Hope Rehab Team

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Hope Rehab Center Thailand 24 bed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility was co-founded in 2013 by Simon Mott and Alon Kumsawad, FDAP Affiliated and accredited by Asia Pacific certification board APCB. Simon and Alon met while working at Cabin Rehab in Chiang Mai. Simon was the Manager and Head Counsellor for three years and Alon was the Meditation and Yoga coach. Hope Rehab is now managed by an extensive professional team from UK, Holland, USA and Australia.

The Founders

Simon Mott, Founder of Hope Rehab Thailand

Simon Mott’s history includes managing the Cabin Chiang Mai Rehab for three years, working in the criminal justice sector in the UK, as well as managing public services for the local government in London. He is certified APCB (AsiPacificic Board) and AQA Accredited Counselling, He also has a portfolio of DANOS specialist substance misuse training from Hert Uni and the Royal College of General Practitioners. Simon, a former heroin addict himself, has dealt with addiction from both sides of the fence, so understands the struggle. Eventually, he decided to use his experience to create the most effective program possible. Read his story in this Telegraph article…

Alon, Co-Founder of Hope Rehab Thailand

Alon Kumsawad is the co-founder of Hope Rehab. She is a Thai national with years of experience of working with people dealing with addiction problems. She is a qualified fitness, pilates and yoga instructor and also has a degree in Liberal Arts and Administration from Rajamangala University in Chiang Mai. With her skill-set, she is bringing a unique flavour to the mix at Hope. Being Thai and a Buddhist, she has her own meditation and mindfulness practice that she shares with her clients. This is perfect, as much of the solution to addiction is best described as spiritual. Therefore, Thailand is the ideal place for recovery to begin.


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A mobile screen is perfect for getting a first impression. However, it limits the amount of information that you can display. Therefore please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form below to learn more about Hope Rehab Center in general as well as the program and treatment we offer. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have.

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