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Hope Rehab Center Thailand 20 bed Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility was co-founded in 2013 by Simon Mott and Alon Kumsawad, FDAP Affiliated and accredited by Asia Percific certification board APCB. Simon and Alon met while working at Cabin Rehab in Chiang Mai. Simon was the Manager and Head Counsellor for 3 years and Alon was the Meditation and Yoga coach. Hope Rehab is now managed by an extensive professional team from UK, Holland, USA and Australia. Hope Rehab has been blessed with a wonderful large facility overlooking the Sea and Islands in the unique city of Sriracha, so together with an intensive addiction program have created the perfect environment and program to recover. The treatment model is largely CBT, psycho-educational and twelve step techniques in a therapeutic community setting. 

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About Simon Mott

During his many years working as addiction counsellor and service manager in the UK and Thailand, Simon got to see what worked and what did not, and he decided to use his experience to create the most effective program possible.

Simon has dealt with addiction from both sides of the fence, so understands the struggle. Read Simon's story in the Telegraph here

Simon Mott is a trained counseling professional who opened Hope Rehab Center

Simon Mott is certified APCB (Asia Percific Board) and AQA accredite Counselling, He also has a portfolio of DANOS specialist substance misuse training from Hert Uni and the Royal College of General Practitioners PDF certificate of management of drugs misuse.

Having relocated from the UK, Simon headed up the Barnet Community Engagement Team in London. He has 20 years experience in the substance misuse sector overall, delivering a wide range of services including residential inpatient treatment, structured group work, co-ordinating Detox/Rehab referral and funding. In addition to this Simon provided Drug and Alcohol Training to local government workers.

During his time working in London Simon’s interests included joining the ‘All Party Meeting of the Parliamentary Drug Misuse Group’. held monthly at the House of commons, UK Government. He conducted harm-reduction research trials whilst working for Turning-Point, into Foil distribution, to Heroin addicts, encouraging smoking instead of injecting. The Trails have been recognised by the Home Office and contributed to the change to the "misuse of drugs act".

Alon, the co-founder of Hope Rehab is a trained Yoga, Thai Chi and Pilates teacher

About Alon Kumsawad

Alon Kumsawad is the co-founder of Hope Rehab - She is a Thai national with years of experience of working with people dealing with addiction problems. She is a qualified fitness, Pilates and yoga instructor and also has a degree in Liberal Arts and Administration from Rajamangala University in Chiang Mai.

Alon is a very traditional Thai Girl. She was brought up on a diet of rice, Buddhism, mediation and chanting, which seems to be part of the Thai genetic make-up. It enhances their lives and society immeasurably.

This is perfect for our clients, as much of the solution to addiction is best described as spiritual. Therefore, Thailand is the ideal place for recovery to begin.

Alon will guide you in meditation classes, and teach you Yoga, take you to local temples and help you with your general needs while you are at Hope Rehab. 

When you leave us, recovering and well, Alon will be one of your more pleasant memories about Hope Rehab, that you will take away with you.

About Alon Kumsawad

Paul Garrigan - Addiction Nurse/Mindfulness coach

Author of "Dead Drunk" and other addiction-related books, Paul blogs about mindfulness and addiction recovery with a significant global following at paulgarrigan.com

Paul is originally from Ireland however moved to The Kingdom of Thailand in 2001. When Paul was 25 years old he decided he wanted to be a nurse so entered university and qualified as a nurse 3 years later. Completing a Nursing Higher National Diploma at St Bartholomew's training Hospital in London and the nursing degree at Dublin City University. (RGN/BSc Nursing)

He is a qualified nurse who now specialises in the field of mindfulness, mental illness, and addiction. Also a qualified teacher, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

About Alon Kumsawad


Hope in the media

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This article in the Independent gives you an idea of the impact Hope Rehab has on clients who come here 

The Daily Telegraph wrote a story about Hope Rehab founder Simon Mott

About Us – Helping train Public Rehabs in Thailand

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If you are willing work our program and follow our suggestions then you can recover from addiction or alcoholism. You will never need to use again, however we cannot completely cure you from the disease of addiction. 

We do not claim to have a cure because that is impossible, so terms like "de-addiction" are misleading. Some centres use vague promises using terms like holistic, or CBT, or non-12 step to get your attention or even imply a soft option.

E.g. a mindfulness rehab cannot teach you to drink mindfully. I have even heard Doctors claim they can medicate addiction away, the very suggestion is ironic. 

I always say why limit yourselves to anything when it is not necessary, 12 steps = 12 tools for recovery, sure it also means abstain, + plus mindfulness, + plus fitness, + plus CBT and whatever else you may benefit from makes for a great recovery.

There is no doubt that addiction has a detrimental effect on the brain, causing long-term damage to brain chemistry and pathways now considered a chronic disease, because we cannot remove the damaged parts of your brain. Also what triggered the addiction is individual and interesting, reconciling abuse, trauma or changing your environment unfortunately does not remove the pathways of addiction so on-going self-management is essential.

Hope Treatment Centre is what’s known as a ‘Life style business’ a project that has been set up and run to sustain a “ healthy recovery lifestyle” for all those involved including the team, Simon, Alon and the clients. They have also shaken up the western private rehab sector in Thailand by offering affordable and better treatment. Hope offers a way out to many people who have no other options.

A letter of thanks from a highly valued client, more testimonials....

"Hi Simon, You do a fantastic job running Hope Rehab!! I have enjoyed working with you as my counselor, you helped me so much.  I think you have a very good heart and good clinical skills that will benefit people wherever you go. I have all of the faith in the world in you. I will always be so very grateful!! C____ USA"