5 of the Ways Thai Massage Helped Me Succeed at Hope Rehab

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Wat Pho Thai Massage (Wikimedia Commons)

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage (nuad Thai/??????) involves manipulating certain energy points in the body to release stress and promote healing. It is sort of like doing yoga only in this case it is the job of the masseuse (maaw nuad/??????) to move your body into the correct position – this is why this therapy is sometimes called Thai yoga massage.

Clients at Hope Rehab get to attend regular Thai massage sessions during their stay, and here are just 5 of the most frequently reported benefits of this therapy:

1. Thai Massage Eased My Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms occur as our body adapts to functioning without alcohol or drugs. The level of discomfort associated with this process will vary depending on a number of factors such as:

• Type and amount of the drug we have been abusing
• Duration of our addiction
• Our general physical health
• Our mental attitude

There are things that can be done in rehab to ease our withdrawal symptoms and one option is Thai massage. One benefit of this therapy is it relaxes our body so we are no longer fighting our withdrawals. This can lead to a significant improvement in how we experience the process as it is this struggle to escape discomfort that makes the body tense and thus worsens the symptoms. Thai massage can also improve any post-acute withdrawal symptoms such as metal fogginess (see Thai massage for sleep below).

2. Thai Massage Helped Me Release Stress from My Body

One of the assumptions of Thai massage is that problems occur when stress gets stuck in our body. This stress can remain stuck indefinitely and these blockages cause physical and mental symptoms. The object of the therapy is to release this stress from the body so we experience improved mental and physical functioning. It is common to feel like something has changed within following a session of Thai massage – a kind of loosening – and it can be like our body feels lighter.

3.Thai Massage made it Easier for Me to Sleep at Night

A common discomfort people experience in early recovery (or for even longer if the person is experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms) is insomnia. This inability to sleep means low energy levels, low mood, and fuzzy thinking. Thai massage can be highly effective at promoting sleep – especially if you have a session late in the afternoon or early evening.


5 Ways Thai Massage Helped Me Succeed at Rehab

4. Thai Massage Left Me Feeling Energised

It is usual to leave a Thai massage session with a spring in your step that wasn’t there beforehand. This boost to your energy levels can also mean improved mood and enthusiasm so you can get more out of your time in rehab.

5. Thai Massage Helped Me to Begin Feeling Comfortable in My Own Body

Those of us who fall into addiction tend to become very disconnected from our body. We can even begin to view the body as an enemy that is always letting us down. In fact, it is common for people who begin abusing alcohol or drugs to state that it was due to them feeling ‘uncomfortable in their own skin’. One of the nice things about Thai massage, is it means you can begin to develop a much better relationship with your body – rather than viewing it as the enemy, you can see how it can be your greatest wealth.

Thai massage also fits in well with our other approaches such as mindfulness therapy by getting you to spend more time in your body rather than always caught up in the stories in your heard.

5 Ways Thai Massage Helped Me Succeed at Rehab by Paul G