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Hope Rehab is a well known international Drug and Alcohol treatment center based in Thailand. We are NAADAC registered in USA, also APCB certified in Asia and FDAP Affiliated in UK. Hope's acclaimed holistic treatment includes intensive 30 day & Long-Term programs. Our world class service is provided in our impressive grand manor house and country estate, nestled on the coast near beautiful island beaches. The facility's grounds extend over 7 acres and 14 buildings within peaceful and protective stone walls for your serenity. Hope is an ideal and wonderful place for the healing and recovery process to begin.

Helping a family member, go to our family intervention page for advice

Overall health is our priority and we offer gym facilities and a swimming pool to support your treatment and guide you to wellness. Each client room is en-suite, single occupancy with internet access, so you will have the privacy you need for the meditation and soul searching that helps you recover. While we are secluded, we are less than an hour from  Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, all clients are collected from the arrivals hall.

Take a brief look at the HOPE program

Getting Started 

Cost: Our current rate for the 30 day program is $6,900 (all inclusive) as we have just opened 6 beautiful  new rooms. We also offer special rates for long-term stays. The time to begin your journey is now. Click here for even more details about our all inclusive treatment package and take some time to read some client testimonials.

Admission: Simply call today for a chat or to take advantage of our initial telephone assessment. If you wish to book a stay with us, you can easily pay a partial deposit of $2000 via our Paypal. This system affords you the ultimate in payment security. Click here for a detailed breakdown of costs and services at Hope.

Preparation: Recovery is no time for surprises. Our What to Bring page will help you plan your trip and understand what to expect. All rooms and accommodation are en-suite designed for single occupancy with internet access. Once you arrive in our harmonious setting, you will have several days to decide if you are comfortable and pay the balance. 


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Environmental conditions play a major role in rewiring the brain. Researchers have shown that positive and stimulating environmental conditions make it easier to treat addiction. Thailand is the ideal place to heal and recover due to its famously friendly culture and tropical climate with occasional refreshing showers in rainy season to cool off in. Coming to Thailand increases motivation and helps inspire people through their struggles, being away from familiar surroundings makes for a safe place, especially if you experience triggers cravings.


The Team at Hope are the key to success. Our expert team is comprised of 45 dedicated members. To ensure you receive the proper care we have the highest therapeutic staff to clients ratio. The proof of our effectiveness is in our Hope Rehab completion rates, which are unusually high compared to those of western centers.

Hope Concept and Methodology: Recovery is possible with proper guidance from educated and mindful professionals. We have gone to considerable lengths to develop a comprehensive program that addresses all your needs. Hope's treatment concept fuses experiential Therapies, CBT, Mindfulness, Fitness, and an evidence-based recovery program. We believe in a holistic treatment because all aspects of life, mind body and soul, are interconnected. Hope Treatment Program PDF

Detox included in the price

Clinical care: Detox is included in your package. Senior team member Paul Garrigan is a Registered Nurse Specialising in Addiction working in partnership with our local private Hospital who provide all Medical services which is only a few minutes away from Hope's facility.

We keep you comfortable and safe with 24/7 care and support while achieving recovery. General healthcare and dentistry can also be addressed while at Hope.

Hope Nurse

Hope Nurse

  "Addiction is not the same as Intoxication - Detoxification is not the same as Recovery"

Addiction is treatable with the right help and program, overcoming your struggles. We achieve a state of lasting wellness by incorporating evidence-based Cognitive psychology with holistic disciplines that include the universal spiritual practice of mindful-meditation, a proven coping technique for some of the triggers of addictions, such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Even our beach activity weekends provide a chance to relax and enjoy time off on weekends. 

Live mindfully and achieve your goals - Hope's Mindfulness & Meditation Program: Mindfulness means doing something to the best of your ability. This technique can be applied to all aspects of your life including nutrition, fitness, and relationships. Meditation is used to help center individuals in the present moment. Meditation is a spiritual practice but is also a practical application for regulating emotions and self-management, so crucial to sustained recovery.

Benefits of International Rehab 

Our manageable client population of 20 come from UK, Hong Kong, New York, London, Singapore, Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark - Read our Testimonial page - they all share the same common goal: to recover and find a solution to their difficulties. We also get a mix of all age groups, sex’s, cultures, professions and substances which makes for a realistic and interesting experience and therapeutic community.

"I arrived on Hope's doorstep thinking, 'What difference will it make?' I leave Hope believing 'I make a difference' thank you Hope for helping me find my way and restoring my sense of self and purpose. - EV Senior Lecturer (USA) 

Hope Foundation and Training Services

Hope Foundation Donates free treatment places, also has Thai interns training to be counsellors and runs a self-help group with a local Doctor. Hope Foundation's proposal pdf English and Thai pdf version.

Hope training Thai public Rehab Staff

Hope Rehab Training Services : Hope Rehab's team was asked to share our methods with the Thai public Rehab staff. Find our more about our licensing and training days here. Official letter PDF from Thai Government Thanking the Hope team for our efforts.


Hope Changes Everything – and - Everyone Can Change

We named our facility Hope because that is what we hold in a safe space for our clients until they are able to hold it for themselves. Hope is the key to recovery and present in the first tentative steps you take toward wellness. Hope is the seed of a positive belief system that will start to grow as you learn how to be well. Psychologists emphasize the development of a positive belief system as a necessary foundation for change.

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