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Hope Rehab Center Thailand is an FDAP Affiliated and NAADAC certified highly respected international Drug and Alcohol treatment clinic located close to secluded island beaches in Thailand. Hope Offers intensive 30 day & Long-Term programs. Hope's facility and European style Manor house are set on a beautiful hillside overlooking the sea. The extensive 7 acre walled grounds with Gyms and swimming pool provide a peaceful environment for the recovery process to start. All rooms are en-suite designed for single occupancy with internet access. Conveniently situated less than an hour from Bangkok airport providing easy access whilst still having the advantages of being on the coast. All clients are collected and dropped off at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. 

Getting Started: (Helping a loved one) Hope has recently built (photo) 6 new rooms so is offering an additional discount $5995 US Dollars 30 days, (instead of $6995) also special rates for long-term stays. Included in the price is...After an initial telephone assessment, a booking  deposit of $2000 can be paid via our Paypal account for your security. This is on the cost and payments page. You can check on our "What to bring" page to help plan your stay. After arriving we give you a few days to decide if Hope Rehab Centre is right for you, only then do you pay the balance.

Important reading: Why choose HOPE REHAB?

Hope Rehab Center stands out from the crowd in Thailand: the Treatment Center is owned and run by people who truly understand the journey of recovery, read our Testimonial page. Simon Mott - APCB -and Alon Kumsawad are the founders of Hope and Hope’s charitable foundation also Hope-Thai Rehab Training Service

Enquiry call Simon Mott +66 89 529 1297 - Email: [email protected]

Admissions call Natalie +66 95 358 0832 - Email: [email protected]

Hope Rehab's team are NAADAC members 'the Association for Addiction Professionals' international arm. With over 35 hardworking staff and a high ratio of therapeutic staff to clients. Hope is rapidly gaining the reputation for being one of Thailand's most exciting and effective rehab facilities. Hope Rehab completion rates and outcomes are unusually high compared to western centre's. 

Addiction is treatable with the right help and program. Hope employs what is best described as a 'Holistic' approach to addiction treatment combining CBT, Mindfulness, Fitness, and the evidence based recovery program. What does Holistic mean? "All elements of life are interconnected" because...

The Society of Addiction and Alcohol Medicine define addiction as…..“A primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, and memory. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations” ASAM

Long-Term treatment for Long-Term success - Typically most Addicts and Alcoholics usually require a longer-term treatment plan. To encourage this commitment Hope offers lower rates than other facilities of similar standards. It is important to understand the Rehab benefits and Treatment TimeFrames that provide the highest chance of success. Just a detox is a quick-fix similar to the using itself. Longer-term programs are available at the Second-stage facility Hope House. The program includes learning to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) to Thai children. This is possibly one of the most profound ways to grow and change. Also the appropriate candidates will be allowed to stay on and do voluntary work at Hope. 

Hope Treatment Program Download pdf

Hope offers a mixture of Therapy with other disciplines, even beach activity weekends. The program is not religious but incorporates spiritual principles and values. Mindfulness-meditation is well known to help with addiction, stress, depression and anxiety problems. The fusion of east meets west, and evidenced based therapeutic interventions like CBT is globally accepted nowadays as the best approach to helping addicts and alcoholics.

Intern program at Hope

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Environmental conditions play a major role in recovery and rewiring the brain. Researchers have shown that positive and stimulating environmental conditions make it easier to treat addiction. This is why all clients go to the island and beach on weekends to stimulate the reward center with healthy activity. Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD is a debilitating condition and many addicts and alcoholics suffer from isolation causing SAD.

"Coming to Thailand increases motivation and helps inspire people through their struggle, a sunny uplifting environment makes a difference. Also being away from familiar surroundings makes for a safe place, especially if you experience triggers cravings"

Thailand is a country that can be visited all year round due to its warm climate and weather. ​Our location has the most number of sunny dry days, with occasional and welcome refreshing tropical showers in rainy season.

Hope Medical Care

Detox is included in your package. Senior team member Paul Garrigan is a Registered Nurse Specialising in Addiction working in partnership with our local private Hospital who provide all Medical services which is only a few minutes away from Hope's facility. We keep you comfortable and safe with 24/7 care and support while achieving recovery.

UK nurse on the Hope team - Detox included - 24/7 care and support

Sleep management - Work with local Doctors - Psychological Assessment

International client base at Hope Rehab Thailand

Clients come from UK, Sydney Melbourne, Perth, Hong Kong, New York, London, Singapore, Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Europe, Sweden, Norway, Holland - Read our Testimonial page - they all share the same common goal: to recover and find a solution to their difficulties. We get a mix of all age groups, sex’s, cultures, professions and substances which makes for a realistic and interesting experience and therapeutic community.

"I arrived on Hope's doorstep thinking, 'What difference will it make?' I leave Hope believing 'I make a difference' thank you Hope for helping me find my way and restoring my sense of self and purpose. - EV Senior Lecturer (USA)

Live mindfully - achieve your goals

Co-founder Alon Kumsawad is a Buddhist so enhances her teachings with this wonderful and inspiring philosophy. we are a nonsecular program not favoring any particular religion. We incorporate spiritual principles and values into our program. Mindfulness-meditation is well known to help with addiction, stress, depression and anxiety problems.

Hope's Mindfulness & Meditation Program: You can do anything mindfully, eat, work, sports, even love. It means doing something to the best of you ability. Meditation is being still in the here and now, observing your thoughts, regulating emotions, a style of self management, a form of relaxation. Which is useful when recovering from any addiction, not buying into triggers and cravings.

The neuroscience of Addiction/Alcoholism Explained

American society of alcoholism (1950) was changed to The American Society of Addiction Medicine in 1989. In 2011 they released the latest definition of addiction 

"This fundamental impairment in the experience of pleasure literally compels the addict to chase rewards produced by substances and excessive behaviors”

The Hijacked brain theory: The human reward system is designed for survival but is now hijacked by the payoffs provided by the addiction. The reward circuitry normally bookmarks important things like: food, nurturing children, education, work and friendships, however it is now corrupted by the immediate and overwhelming rewards of the addiction.

Self-medicating theory; is the idea that people develop addiction to compensate for untreated underlying problems such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse etc

  • Alcohol is an instant sedative and relaxes stress and anxiety
  • Opiates help stabilize moods and sooth aggression
  • Amphetamine is an energy boosts and can enhance performance
  • Cocaine temporarily relieves depression and low self-esteem

Hope Changes Everything – and - Everyone Can Change

Hope reflects the attitude we have on behalf of all our clients until they have it for themselves. HOPE is important to instill from the beginning. HOPE is the seed of a positive belief system that will start to grow. Psychologists put a great emphasis on developing a positive belief system in order to make changes in life. Interestingly the American Society of Addiction Medicine say.....

“Addiction professionals and persons in recovery know the ‘HOPE’ that is found in recovery. Recovery is available even to persons who may not at first be able to perceive this HOPE”

Hope Foundation and Training Services

Hope Foundation Donates free treatment place's, also has Thai interns training to be counsellors and runs a self-help group with a local Doctor. Hope's Foundation proposal pdf English and Thai pdf version.

Hope training Thai public Rehab Staff

Hope Rehab Training Services : Hope Rehab's team was asked to share our methods with the Thai public Rehab staff. Find our more about our licensing and training days here. Official letter PDF from Thai Government Thanking the Hope team for our efforts.