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Hope Rehab is an internationally recognized Drug and Alcohol treatment center based in Thailand. The Hope concept is to combine the most effective therapies available. This includes Mindfulness, CBT, Relapse-prevention techniques and fitness activities into our intensive program. We offer affordable 30 day & Long Term all-inclusive treatment packages.

Our world class service is provided in an exclusive location on a large estate with a grand manor house, formally a privately owned beach house graciously donated by the Thai Consulate General to Monaco. The facility's grounds extend over 7 acres with 14 buildings, all within peaceful, protective stone walls for your serenity. Each client room is en-suite, single occupancy with internet access. 

Your health is our priority and we offer extensive gym facilities with swimming pool as well as many offsite fun activities. Hope is an ideal place for the healing and recovery process to begin. While we are secluded, we are less than an hour from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, all clients are collected from the arrivals hall. 

Hope is NAADAC registered in USA, APCB certified in Asia and FDAP UK Affiliated

Take a brief look at the HOPE program.

How to get started

Helping a family member, go to our family intervention page for advice

Admission process: We recommend you call now to talk to us about your issue or struggles. Simon's direct number is +66 (89) 5291297, or send a message. Then we will arrange a clinical assessment. Once this is complete we work out your timeframe and date of admission.

Cost and fees: Once we agree your booking, you pay the deposit of $2000 via our Paypal for your security. Our current rate for the 30 day program is $7,400 (all inclusive). We  offer a $250 discount if you book 4 weeks in advance. In addition we offer special rates for long-term stays.  Click here for more details on our treatment package. Once you arrive you will have several days to decide if you are comfortable and pay the balance.

Preparation and Travel: Once you have decided to join our program, book your flight. We suggest direct flights with Thai airways, we will be waiting at the airport to transfer you to Hope. Our What to Bring page will help you plan your trip and understand what to expect.


Detox included in the price

Clinical care: Detox is included in your package. Senior team member Paul Garrigan is a Registered Nurse Specializing in Addiction working in partnership with our local private Hospital who provide all Medical services which is only a few minutes away from Hope's facility.

We keep you comfortable and safe with 24/7 care and support while achieving recovery. General healthcare and dentistry can also be addressed while at Hope.

Hope Nurse

Hope Nurse

Addiction is treatable with the right help and program you can overcome your struggles. Hope's treatment concept fuses experiential Therapies, CBT, Mindfulness, Fitness, and an evidence-based recovery program. Even our beach activities provide a chance to relax and enjoy time off on weekends. We believe in holistic treatment because all aspects of life, mind body and soul, are interconnected. Download the Hope Treatment Program PDF The proof of our effectiveness is in our Hope Rehab completion rates, which are unusually high.

"Addiction is not the same as Intoxication - Detoxification is not the same as Recovery"

Environmental conditions play a major role in rewiring the brain. Researchers have shown that positive and stimulating environmental conditions make it easier to treat addiction. Thailand is the ideal place to heal and recover due to its famously friendly culture and tropical climate with occasional refreshing showers in rainy season to cool off in. Coming to Thailand increases motivation and helps inspire people through their struggles, being away from familiar surroundings makes for a safe place, especially if you experience triggers cravings.

Benefits of International Rehab Our manageable client population of 20 come from UK, Hong Kong, New York, London, Singapore, Asia, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark - Read our Testimonial page - they all share the same common goal: to recover and find a solution to their difficulties. We also get a mix of all age groups, sex’s, cultures, professions and substances which makes for a realistic and interesting experience and therapeutic community.


Hope Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness-Meditation is a practice that will help you develop an improved relationship with your thoughts and feelings. Meditation is a tool that helps us still the mind long enough so we can develop deep insight into how our thoughts are tricking us – once we understand the trick, we stop being so easily fooled. Meditation can be viewed as a spiritual practice, but it is primarily a practical approach that ultimately leads to a mind free from all types of craving and negativity so crucial to sustained recovery. Meditation is used to help center individuals in the present moment. 


Live mindfully and achieve your goals - Mindfulness will help improve your life and all round abilities. This technique can be applied to all aspects of your life including recovery, work, nutrition, fitness, and relationships. 

Take a tour of Hope's facility

Pete takes you for a whirlwind tour of hope seen through his unique eyes. Hope is an exciting, fun and therapeutic life changing experience. 

Hope Foundation Donates free treatment places to Thai nationals. 

Hope training Thai public Rehab Staff

Hope Rehab Training Services : Hope Foundation also provides training, Official letter PDF from Thai Government Thanking the Hope team for our efforts. 

Hope Changes Everything – and - Everyone Can Change

We named our facility Hope because Hope is what we offer. An attitude of Hope is the seed of a positive belief system that will start to grow. Psychologists emphasize the development of a positive belief system as a necessary foundation for change and happiness.


Episode 16 

"Paul Explains How Mindfulness Works" 

Paul discusses the mindfulness program and how this approach can be of value in recovery

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